Biden's still lying about those COVID vaccination numbers

Biden did it again – lied, that is.

This time it wasn’t in the series of personal, autobiographical lies that I discussed recently in AT, lies that happened earlier in October. 

The lie I refer to now was a lie about the early history of the Biden administration, which he reiterated recently.

Biden traveled to Virginia on October 26 to stump for the flailing campaign of Terry McAuliffe, running for governor.  At the 31.42 mark of the speech, Biden said:

…When Donald Trump left office, there were only about two million people fully vaccinated…

FACT CHECK TIME: That is a lie

According to Bloomberg News, as of Inauguration Day, around 17 million Americans had been fully vaccinated.  There is a rolling graph in the above article which allows any reader to see all the following numbers for himself.

An average of 983,000 Americans had been vaccinated DAILY during the week of January 16-22 alone.   That’s about 6.9 million Americans.  In the previous week (January 9-15), some 844,000 Americans on a daily average were vaccinated; from New Year’s Day – January 8; a half-million Americans on daily average were jabbed; from Christmas – New Year’s Day it was a daily average of 277,000 Americans.  The first week of vaccination was the week prior to Christmas, and during this week 111,000 Americans on daily average were vaccinated.

The weekly totals then were (777,000 (week before Christmas) + 1.9 million (Christmas – New Year’s) + 3.5 million (January 1-8) + 5.9 million (January 9-15) + 6.9 million) = 19 million Americans

19 million Americans, not Biden’s falsely claimed 2 million, had been vaccinated prior to him becoming president.

Even if you suppose that January 21 and Jan 22 shouldn’t count because Trump wasn’t president on those two days, and you suppose that 1 million Americans were vaccinated on each of those days, that would still mean that 17 million Americans had been vaccinated before Trump left office.

If I can find the true facts, anybody can.  Why then does the Biden White House never fact-check itself?

Image: Screen shot from The Independent video, via shareable YouTube

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