America's descent into totalitarianism advances unabated

If you look around, you can't find a single thing America is doing right, unless "right" means to deliberately destroy the nation.  In light of the comprehensive assault against Americans, we who notice are told we're crazy, we should ignore it, or we're "canceled."  Yet the obvious trap that's been strung leads inevitably to totalitarianism unless we break free from blind complacency or fear.

Energy policy threatens our gas supply, and the government, simultaneously heightening COVID fear and promising to keep us "safe," is abetting rapid inflation.

Commerce is a good indicator something's wrong.  There's a flotilla of container ships languishing off Long Beach, California, our busiest port — and it turns out that this was already a problem in January:

It can take 8,000 trucks to haul the cargo away from a ship, Marine Exchange executive director Kip Louttit said in March. When all those trucks hit the road, there aren't enough available when dockworkers are trying to unload the next ships in port.

Nine months later, nobody's addressed this issue adequately, except that Costco's again limited toilet paper purchases.

The shortage of hogs, leading to a lack of product and increased retail cost, is just one example of our broken supply chains.  The industry can't find workers, can't transport products, and feed costs are sky-high.  I talked to the butcher at Whole Foods, who said he "had no idea" when his supplies would be replenished — maybe in a few days, maybe not.

The labor market is a mess with simultaneously high unemployment and high worker demand.  We've trained the entire service sector to be overly fearful of COVID, and many can't rely on sending their kids to school.  Government subsidies encouraged unemployment.  Inflation makes hard (and allegedly deadly) work seem useless.

Add in that businesses are now doing mass firings based on non-vaccination status, even as the CDC's own numbers on COVID deaths indicate that a minuscule number of people actually died from COVID without a comorbidity.  This obscene, illogical push to jab a dangerous experimental drug repeatedly in every arm takes no quarter.

Pregnant women are now being asked to enroll in a CDC study, for instance — something that might have been better done before forcing the jab.  Anecdotal reports of miscarriages and of nursing babies dying after mom gets jabbed are "debunked" online, no doubt to the consternation of those affected, yet it's easy to find recommendations against vaccinating pregnant women, including from the WHO.  Reports such as this one, that the vaccinations cause mutations imperiling everyone, make it even worse.

People who had COVID are being strong-armed, their natural immunity ignored.  YouTube cracked down completely on anything anti-vaccine.  There were a lot of videos, including a CDC Q&A when they were debating recommending a booster, with great questions from some doctors to the panel.  It's now inoperative.

Nurses and doctors are seeing, and noting, terrible post-vaccine maladies, neuropathiesclotting disorders, and heart disorders.  I've even read reports that rapidly terminal cancers are seen post-vaccination — and it's happened to three people I know — but I can't find the reports anymore.  Anecdotal at best, but a question that needs addressing!

Most professionals have been terrified to speak out for fear of losing their jobs.  They may regret that silence because if they refuse the vaccine, they'll lose their jobs anyway.  That this might encourage them to speak up may explain the YouTube ban.  Can't let the proles see that!

Treatment is also making the news more these days.  Here's a great link to treatment protocols for COVID and, if you must get vaccinated, ways to lessen vaccine damage.  Finding the prescription meds via America's Frontline Doctors is doable — more so than relying on local pharmacies, which seem prohibited from filling such prescriptions, even with willing doctors prescribing.

It would be nice if someone could create a clearinghouse site at which people can freely share their information, whether writing, on videos, or podcasts, about the vaccine.  The rest of us can read, watch, and judge for ourselves.  And as a matter of principle, everyone should shun YouTube completely.  The power in numbers lies in what should be lost ad revenue.

We can't just let them continue to squeeze us into a tighter and tighter box.  They have limited time until the midterms and will push as far as they can before then, hoping we won't be able to undo the damage.  If they pass their legislation and let the IRS troll through all our bank accounts, we're sunk.  And of course, a side-effect of forced vaccination is online passports that require your ID and scan your face.  We will just have enrolled into a surveillance state.  Too bad we can't turn it around and use it for voting.

Image: COVID virus.  Public domain.

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