The vaccination noose around our necks

The COVID police have tightened the noose around the necks of the unvaccinated.  No longer do you have to wear a useless mask only indoors (unless you're London Breed, the Mayor of San Francisco, or partying with her).  This new noose is inflexible.  It's being tightened, progressively (pun intended).

We unvaccinated are now relegated to second-class citizen status.  Berkeley and San Francisco have decreed that the unvaccinated may no longer enter restaurants, gyms, or any indoor venues of any sort.  Contra Costa County just adopted a slightly less harsh rule — you can show a negative COVID test, taken within three days.

We can get take-out or dine outdoors at those restaurants that have patios or bump-outs in the street.  The latter are such fun!  Nothing beats dining al fresco, up close with the cars and trucks and motorcycles.  A little eau de diesel with your entrée, madame?  A chilly night?  Huddle around the patio heaters.  If your plans happened to include taking in a concert or movie after dinner, fuggedaboudit.  No passport, no entry.  Too bad our southern border isn't so strictly enforced!

By the way, do you have symptoms when you get sick?  Can you tell whether you're coming down with a cold or the flu or even dread COVID by observing your symptoms?  Getting feverish, have a sore throat, bodily aches and pains, or shortness of breath?  Would you, in these fraught times, ignore symptoms, or would you stay home like a responsible adult and care for yourself?

Our government doesn't trust any of us to make that sort of decision.  It doesn't trust us to evaluate our own health, it doesn't trust the millions of people who already suffered through COVID to have antibodies, and it doesn't trust that the rest of us can weigh our risks from the virus versus the risks from the vaccine, and intelligently come to a decision.  You know that old meme — our bodies, ourselves?

A while ago, we heard a news report that the CDC was phasing out the PCR test in December.  Why?  Because it's notoriously inaccurate, although it's supposedly more accurate than the rapid antigen test.  It looks as though the CDC doesn't know what will replace the PCR test.  If you follow the links on the CDC page, you might get confused, as I did.  It sounds as if there isn't an approved test yet, although maybe I'm wrong.  I don't exactly speak scientific lingo.

Right now, there are some clinics that will do a free PCR test.  Looking at the Alameda County website, it says they take two to five days to process the test.  That seems a bit sketchy, if, as in this personal example, we need a test taken within 48 hours to get into the Van Morrison concert we bought pricy tickets to months ago.  Luckily, it's at an outdoor venue and "only" requires a negative test within 48 hours.  To be certain we'll meet that requirement, we must get an appointment at a private clinic and pay through the nose (pun intended) to get the rapid antigen test.  Results guaranteed in three hours.  Only $165 per person.  No, it's not covered by insurance or Medicare.

This testing requirement for those places where tests are valid (which, no doubt, will soon shrink to zero) is expensive and inconvenient punishment, meant to discomfit those of us who refuse to be jabbed with a biological substance that doesn't actually protect us from COVID.  Of course, if you've had the jab, no need for testing.  Who cares if you get COVID?  You've been vaccinated!  End of story!  Just ignore all the "breakthrough" cases in the hospital, OK?  If the MSM doesn't mention them, they must not exist.

See how much simpler it would be to carry a vaccine passport?  Why not just give in?  It might cost me my health, maybe even my life.  But then again, I may be one of the lucky many who survive the jab without any problems, despite having long-term autoimmune issues.  Should I roll the dice?  Let the spike proteins do their thing?

It's what the government wants me to do, after all.  They're twisting my arm mighty hard right now.  Of course, it could be they just are hell-bent on culling the herd.  It might save Medicare, so Uncle Joe can use the funds to pay for health care for all the untested, unvaccinated migrants with COVID, TB, and other diseases, and their anchor children.

We'll need those kids, since they're about to mandate COVID jabs for native-born children, despite not knowing whether the shots will cause infertility, cancer, heart problems, or death in our kids.  After all, it's too soon to tell — and the drug companies are indemnified if it happens.

Some days, I wish I weren't allergic to alcohol.  It sure would be nice to drown my sorrows right now.

Image: Vaccine passport required (cropped) by RODNAE Productions.  Pexels images.

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