Biden's support among blacks, Hispanics, and Asians is going down in flames —polls

Democrats for years have claimed they've got the black, Hispanic, and Asian-American vote in the bag, and they arrogantly carried on with their agenda.  One problem: The assumptions are not working anymore:

It's not just one poll.  Here's another from a couple of days ago, according to the Daily Caller:

A new poll released Monday by Dallas Morning News found that the majority of Hispanics in Texas disapprove of President Joe Biden’s job in the Oval Office.

Only 35% of Texas Hispanic voters said they approved or strongly approved of Biden’s job as president,  while 54% either disapproved or strongly disapproved, according to The Dallas Morning News. The poll was conducted Sept. 7-14 and surveyed 1,148 adults with a margin of error of 2.9%.

The evidence is pretty strong that Biden's succor-the-rich policies, under the phony rubric of taxing the loophole-accessed rich, are not working anymore.  Democrats have used "tax the rich" for years, but Biden has worn it out, and the locals know that that $600 in their bank account, subject to the prying eyes of the IRS if Joe gets his way, is what he means by "rich."

For Hispanics, the mask is off regarding Joe Biden's open-border policies, something he's billed as more humane than that of his predecessor, even as cartels profit, migrants are enticed on Facebook, women are raped, children are trafficked, and monster shantytowns reminiscent of the slums of Port-au-Prince go up in places like Del Rio.  That's humane?  Worse still, how is it humane to put the interests of illegal border-crossers above those of local people who are experiencing food shortages and job losses in Hispanic-majority border cities, which certainly happened in Del Rio?  That's humane?

Biden's militant vaccine mandates among federal workers are likely another sore point, particularly among black voters, who are the largest group of COVID vaccine skeptics.  How exactly is threatening to fire people from their jobs for refusing to put an experimental vaccine into their bodies, one they might not actually need based on immunity or the risks outweighing the rewards in healthy young people, not an inhumane and coercive policy?  Black voters we know have expressed a well-founded distrust of Democrat medical practices based on the experience of the Tuskegee test subjects, who were experimented on without their consent by the feds at a severe cost to their health.  Many black voters have also voiced conscience concerns, given that the vaccines were derived, in varying ways, from the stem cells of aborted babies.  Other black people, such as pop singer Nikki Minaj, a very influential person — have voiced concerns about potential side-effects, and Minaj was ridiculed, with a sorry bid to "re-educate" her. 

That's strong stuff and goes to show that Joe Biden's true constituency is not blacks, Hispanics, Asians, or any non-white people who have historically voted Democrat.  Those voters are coming to recognize that Biden is only using them for their votes before trashing their interests to his own benefit.  Biden's interests are those of the rich, the super-rich, the kind of people who turn up in Hunter Biden's emails and the emails of his associates.  They're the interests of Democrats who dine together maskless, air-kissing away at galas and fundraisers while dark-skinned servants on the sidelines wait on them like slaves, unequals, unable to take off their masks, branded as disease-carriers while the largely white Democrats party away.

The recent surge of Black Lives Matter activists protesting vaccine mandates is a significant sign that large numbers of black voters have had enough.  "Don't tell me I can't agree with a Republican," Minaj stated in her defiant statement to Democrats.

The polls show she was on safe ground, not an outlier at all.  The news shows that blacks, Hispanics, and Asians, to an extent not seen in white leftists, are rejecting Biden and his slept-her-way-to-the-top vice president, Kamala Harris, in cascading numbers.

Image: Screen shot from Sky News Australia video, via shareable YouTube

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