The fanatical left vs. the free-thinking right

The word "fanaticism" is inadequate to describe the excessive and single-minded zealotry of the modern left.

Leftists dogmatically believe in open borders, climate change, identity politics, vilification of the demographic majority, seizure of guns from law-abiding citizens, defunding the police, the Green New Deal, unfettered abortion, and citizenship for illegal aliens.

They despise their country with a passion. They abhor religion with a passion. They irrationally hate Republicans, conservatives, moderates, and anyone who disagrees with them.

They are vicious opponents of freedom; despite what they claim, they have an unrelenting urge to impose controls and restrictions on the citizenry.

The woke left-wing thought police gleefully destroyed or "canceled" the lives of those who dared to deviate from the groupthink. There have been myriad instances of left-wingers being forced out of their employment and shunned from social circles for even the slightest bit of moderation. This is a sinister ploy to shut down potential future critics. There is no diversity here.

The pandemic gave them an excuse to impose physical restrictions. There were restrictions on movement, on public or even private gatherings, and on religious congregations. There were no restrictions for "protesters" or rioters. They are on their way to imposing mandates on masks and vaccines.

Ask them to explain the rationale behind what they stand for, and you will be subjected to incoherent babbling replete with talking points and virtue-signaling.

With their loud voices, they shout in unison to convince people that virtue exists strictly with them. The result is cowardly corporations and individuals crawling when they are asked to bend. This emboldens the tormentor who orders them to crawl. This time, they prostrate themselves.

These weaklings go on to make generous donations, perhaps to prevent the mob from protesting outside their property and to be among "the good ones." The consequence is that the left has well-funded advocacy organizations with multiple branches that aggressively push its agenda.

Leftists have also managed to dominate academia, which enabled them to brainwash impressionable minds. Hollywood too is a propaganda machine for the far left.

These are a flock of angry and zealous sheep. Anger and hate are what bind, drive, and guide them.

This is what makes them effective in organizing protests, marches, and even riots.

Where does the right stand?

The modern right comprises a diverse group of individuals.

There are those who want free-market capitalism. Another group wants strict control over borders. Some on the right are war-mongers, while others despise entering into optional wars. There are those who believe in the sanctity of life and are against abortion. There are those who believe in gun rights. There are those who believe in the virtues of the vaccine and others who are anti-vaxxers. Some are religious, while others are not. Then there are those who are disgusted by the modern left and its madness.

The modern right comprises individuals who subscribe to any of these principles. There is no thought police on the right. People are not canceled for not subscribing to all principles.

What binds the right together is patriotism and nationalism.

But these are free thinkers. The consequence of this free-thinking often works against the right. There is frequent division and even vicious infighting.

Within the right-wing, there is the MAGA wing, and there is the Ann Coulter wing. The Coulter wing thinks the MAGA wing has given up on its founding principles. The establishment right despises the MAGA wing. The MAGA wing does not approve of the Coulter wing. The Coulter wing is not fond of the establishment right. The libertarian wing leans toward the MAGA wing but is not in full support of all its agenda.

A disgruntled Ann Coulter rushes to the far left–leaning NYT to whine about the "failures" of President Trump.

This has often caused some on the right to wish they could have discipline like the left. They often think that if the right could be dogmatic and organize to speak in one loud voice, it would have more victories.

George Bernard Shaw once said, "The reasonable man adapts himself to the world while the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man."

In modern times, the "unreasonable" man is welcomed on the right but is rejected with contempt by the left.

Think of all the great inventions and discoveries — even works of art, literature, and ideas. All of this was possible because someone had dared to be "unreasonable" and dared to express this "unreasonableness" without fear.

It is this solitary "unreasonable" voice that often begins like a flickering flame but with support results in illuminating the world, both literally and metaphorically.

If we were all conformists who approved only the chimes of our echo chambers, there would be no inventions or discoveries, and we still would be living in the Stone Age.

A perfect example is the recent catastrophe in Afghanistan. An "unreasonable" individual would have vehemently called out the lack of a coherent withdrawal strategy. A few more "unreasonable" individuals would have compelled the Harris Biden administration to develop a strategy and carefully but cautiously implement it. Afghanistan would not have fallen, countless lives would not have been lost, and all the time, effort, and money spent on developing Afghanistan would not have been wasted.

The right therefore must welcome the nonconformists and all the apparent chaos associated with differences.

It is better to have dissenters within and suffer minor setbacks than devolving into a flock of sheep who blindly follow the groupthink and end up in a deep chasm.

The left may win the battles, but the right will win the war.

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