The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America abandons the Bible

UPDATE: I've learned since writing this article that Rohrer was in fact born female. She chopped off her breasts but didn't change her name. I make no apologies about getting it wrong. Her little personal odyssey perfectly highlights the nonsense behind all this "transgender" madness and how much it makes a mockery of reality. For clarity, I refer to her by the pronoun we've long used for things that are neither male nor female: it.

The excitement in San Francisco is palpable.  As SFGate, an independent spin-off of the San Francisco Chronicle, boasts, "San Francisco achieves yet another first in LGBTQ+ history with transgender bishop."  The huge Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA), with its 3.3 million members nationwide, is proud of itself.  It shouldn't be.  The decision to give an archbishopric to a man woman who claims to have magically become a woman because it wants to be a man is profoundly anti-biblical.  The appointment is also an insult to coherent grammar and, as I've argued in the past, proof that nobody on the left really believes this "transgender" garbage.

The headline is that many in San Francisco are thrilled that the Rev. Dr. Megan Rohrer, who is male female but thinks she is male female, is now an archbishop in the ELCA:

For the Rev. Dr. Megan Rohrer, who was installed on Sunday, Sept. 12, as the Bishop of the Sierra Pacific Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA), and who uses they/them pronouns, progress has meant a sort of learning what not to hear.


Tact is one thing, but feeling the need to apologize for clearly stating your pronouns is a form of internalized transphobia, the bishop maintains. And they feel [sic] a responsibility to demonstrate how to right this wrong. 

"I have a trans child, for whom, if 'they' isn't used, will be in tears for days," Rohrer says. "That has given me the permission to be really public about it: 'Nope, you're going to use "they," because if you screw up with me, I'm going to have grace about it.' Letting people know my pronouns and my name is great."

"Not on every piece of stationery," they add [sic], "but enough that people can Google it."

Do I need to highlight the way pronoun madness turns English into gibberish?  No, I don't think I do.

It's bad enough when ordinary people with body dysphoria take it upon themselves to declare that they have the power to transform from one sex to another and to control the English language.  However, it's really bad coming from someone who not only claims to be religious in accordance with the Bible but also occupies a position of power within a religious institution.  You see, the Bible is very clear:

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. (Geneis 1:27, King James Version.)

God didn't give a choice of "none of the above," or make a person's sex a buffet from which he can choose.  If you belong to a Bible-based faith, "transgenderism" simply isn't within that religious framework. 

And because this whole thing really irks me, let me make one more point: the whole "transgender" edifice is a fake.  If Rohrer, an archbishop who attacks people for misgendering that poor child it's raising as an "it," really could magically change its sex, you wouldn't need the appellation "transgender" in front of its identity as a woman.  Instead, if it had the god-like power it's arrogated to itself, it would simply be a "woman," with no "trans" about it.

The label "transgender" is the "tell" that the people identifying as such know they're not capable of transforming into the opposite of their biological sex.  Instead, these are people suffering from a form of body dysphoria every bit as delusional as anorexia or the belief that one is an alien or a cow.

While we, as a society, still retain the intelligence not to allow anorexics to design menus for school cafeterias, we have freely given over large segments of society — including the information we feed our children — to people who, while we must pity them and treat them with decency, should not have decision-making power over others.  (I'll say here what I always say when the subject of transgenderism comes up: the logical first treatment is to give these pitiable people, who may have had the wrong hormones washing them in the womb, the hormones associated with their sex along with good therapy, as opposed to slice-and-dice surgery, dangerous hormone treatments, and way too much control over American culture.)

One more aside is that it shouldn't surprise me at all that Rohrer is affiliated with Grace Cathedral, which was once a bastion of San Francisco white-shoe conservatism.  Back in the 1980s, I knew a woman who was a rector working at Grace Cathedral.  She had nothing but disdain for me because I thought doing cocaine was a bad thing.  Frankly, from there, there really was nowhere but down for that formerly reputable institution.

I'll leave you with a Good Morning America segment with the hosts almost hysterically "excited" as the burly, weirdly masculine-looking Rohrer, dutifully referred to as "they," appears on the screen:

Image: Megan Rohrer on Good Morning America.  YouTube screen grab.

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