COVID has turned leftists into child-abusers

One of the most heinous aspects of America's now pathological fear of COVID is that leftists have turned into child abusers.  Despite strong evidence that children are not COVID-spreaders, that COVID affects them only lightly, and that their mortality rate from COVID is infinitesimally small, leftists with power in society have terrorized them with lockdowns and masks, destroying along the way their ability to get educated or learn important social skills and even their will to live.  One of the worst things about this child abuse is the mandates putting masks on toddlers.

Anybody who has ever been with a toddler knows that toddlers are still babies.  They have limited language skills and even more limited impulse control.  And like babies, they are fragile little creatures who wear their hearts on their sleeves and experience every emotion at full volume.  Putting a mask on a baby is tantamount to tying it up to a post in a blizzard.  It's absolutely cruel.  But that's what we're doing.

A recent "let's abuse toddlers in the name of COVID" video emerged a few days ago.  A woman boarded an American Airlines flight with her two-year-old son, a child with asthma and a negative COVID test.  When he refused to put his mask on — and you can hear him wheezing — the flight attendants kicked the boy and his mother off the plane:

Again, healthy children rarely get serious COVID; they're more likely to get shot in Democrat-run, gun-control Chicago; and they are minimal disease vectors.  It's true that some children have died from COVID, but even in modern America, we cannot prevent minute numbers of children from dying, whether from COVID, the flu, or gunshots.  It's tragic, but it's a very small part of children's lives in America.  But those flight attendants were good little leftist soldiers, and when that boy fought being tortured, they gave him the boot.

Another viral video just emerged from New York City, where a childcare facility, complying with mask mandates to maintain its license, was seen trying to get a mask on another very unhappy toddler.  Although the mom who originally posted the video has since made the page private, there are many copies available on the internet.

Here's the message the mom included with her now-deleted post:

"This is my poor kid at daycare today so I can work. #breaksmyheart #governorhochulthiswontwork #whyarewepunishingbabies Point of clarification I'm not upset with his daycare they are attempting to comply with the mandate. I love where he is. I'm pissed out our governor and OCFS who think mandating two year old to wear a mask 7-10 hours a day is at all necessary. #unmaskourbabies."

And here is the video, along with angry comments from those who haven't drunk the Kool-Aid (hat tip for locating all the tweets goes to Twitchy):

If you were to tell a leftist how the Puritans made toddlers sit through three-hour church services, how the Chinese used to break little girls' feet to bind them, how little boys used to be sent up England's chimneys to clean them, or how orphaned young children were sent to workhouses, they would rightly be horrified by this kind of child abuse.  However, if you were then to point to what's being done to America's children, especially its youngest ones, you'd get a babble of words from them about COVID, vaccines, contagion, masks, etc.

What I suspect it all boils down to is the leftists' inordinate fear of death.  The fear of death is hardwired into all living things.  However, all of us have struck a balance because we must engage in life.  We walk on the streets, drive cars, cook and eat food, and engage in many other activities that, through poor planning or bad luck could kill us.

When COVID first came along, bringing with it the possibility of mass death along the scale of the Black Plague in the 14th century, it was reasonable for everyone to react with fear.  However, now that we know that, for people under 70, the chance of dying from COVID is less than 1%, the fear COVID engenders should have diminished — except that, for leftists, it hasn't.  Their fear is every bit as profound now, 18 months in, as it was on the first day that they realized COVID was out there.

And the only way I can think to explain this is that, for leftists, death is not a beginning, but a terrible, blanked-out, meaningless end.  It is the ultimate nihilism.  And because of this terror, they will go along with anything their leaders say, including engaging in unreasonable and unreasoned cruelty to children.  They've reverted to a primitive mentality that allows them to sacrifice children to appease the COVID gods.

This needs to stop.  We are becoming an unrecognizable country, and the fact that we are sacrificing our children should be a warning to us that we are reaching a cultural point of no return.

Image: Child abuse in the name of COVID.  Twitter screen grab.

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