Speaking of misinformation, Nikki Minaj is the problem?

Popstar Nikki Minaj got into hot water for claiming unusual side effects to the COVID vaccine and got shut down on Twitter. 

Social media barons claim she's the problem.

But let's look at who the problem is on the misinformation front.  Take a lot at the "experts" considered her "betters."

In January 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) repeated the Chinese propaganda that COVID wouldn't spread human to human, yet it has never been silenced.  How many deaths did that misinformation cause?

In February 2020, NIH bureaucrat Dr. Anthony Fauci essentially said COVID-19 was nothing to worry about.  Why hasn't he been silenced for that misinformation since it caused so much harm?  Why do most of the media continue to treat whatever Fauci says as gospel?

Top disease official: Risk of coronavirus in USA is 'minuscule'; skip mask and wash hands

Where are the scientific reports that say masks in schools provided better results than schools with no masks?  The answer is that there are no facts to support the masks.

Today, even people with vaccines are told to wear masks indoors, except if you go to the Met Gala or the Emmys.  Then you are special.

In March 2020, the CDC, without scientific evidence, claimed that the virus not only easily spreads off surfaces but had claims about how long it lasts on each surface.  In May, they admitted that they made that up.

Coronavirus 'does not spread easily' by touching surfaces or objects, CDC says. But it still 'may be possible.'

How much has that initial lie cost everyone?  How many people continue to believe the original lie?

"Experts," without scientific evidence, required grocery stores, restaurants, and other businesses to put up Plexiglas to stop the spread.  How much did that misinformation cost?  We now read news like this:

Here's why experts say plastic barriers could be doing more harm than good

New research suggests that plastic barriers are not that effective at stopping COVID-19. In fact, they may be making some situations worse.

The CDC pulled the six-foot social distancing requirement out of thin air (without any scientific evidence). 

Former FDA Commissioner: Six Foot Social Distancing Rule Was 'Arbitrary … Nobody Knows Where It Came From'

"So the single reason why most schools remained shut was because the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) was telling them they had to keep kids six feet apart," he said. "If- if CDC has said you can only- you have to keep kids three feet apart, then a lot of schools would have been able open."

How many people still believe that that made-up number is important?  How many businesses and children has that piece of misinformation destroyed or harmed?

Throughout the last 18 months, the public has been given dire warnings of super-spreader crowded events, yet few have come to pass.  Aren't facts important?

In March 2020, the CDC, without a scientific reason, decided that deaths from COVID should be counted differently from how deaths from viruses in the past were.  There is absolutely no reason deaths remotely associated or assumed to be associated with COVID should be classified as deaths caused by COVID, yet that is what we do. 

Sharyl Attkisson: Serious Questions About the Way Covid Deaths Have Been Counted

During our visit to Colorado, the state's total Covid-related death tally was 13,845. Separating out the deaths not directly caused by Covid cuts that number by about half with the rest dying "among" or "with" Covid — not because of it.

The public is constantly told how dire it is that numerous children are going to the hospital and that hospitals are overcrowded.  I have heard that the high is 1,900 per day at the hospital.  That sounds high unless you look at it as 40 per state.

Or maybe the media should put it in perspective that in a normal year, three million children end up in the hospital.

Each year more than 3 million children are hospitalized in the United States.

It appears that the reason was purely to goose the numbers to scare the public.

Other than Sharyl Attkisson and a few others, why don't the media want an accurate count instead of an inflated count?

Dr. Fauci is lying about the number of kids dying from COVID in comparison to the flu.

Why Can't Dr. Anthony Fauci Stop Lying?

He lied about masks early on, claiming that he did so in order to protect supplies, but it's his more recent lies that have really exposed his brazen nature. Recently, he told another whopper involving kids and COVID, asserting that we've never lost as many kids to the flu as we have the coronavirus. That, as Guy Benson points out with CDC data, is just completely false.

Maybe we should look at all the kids dying from suicide and drug overdoses because of the tyrannical measures supported by Fauci and other government officials.

The media are really pushing the vaccine despite little scientific evidence.  Wouldn't it be safer for kids to get the virus and get natural immunity?

There are many breakthrough cases of people who are vaccinated and few cases of people getting COVID twice, so why are people with natural immunity being threatened that they can't go to concerts, travel, or go to work if they don't get the vaccine?

New York Times Buries Pfizer Report on Vaccinating Children In Article Attempting to Fearmonger People Into It

For instance, the Old Gray Lady stuffed Pfizer's recent reports that children don't exhibit enough symptoms from the COVID-19 virus to draw enough info on how the vaccine might affect them, yet the NYT reported that the vaccine was a powerful ally for children in the fight against the virus.

It's not until a whopping16 paragraphs down that the real findings that Pfizer put forward in regards to children and the vaccine are even mentioned. What did Pfizer find in terms of how the vaccine affects children?

They found nothing because kids weren't getting sick enough from the virus to show how the vaccine had any meaningful impact on them:

Given how rarely children become severely ill, the trial was not big enough to draw meaningful conclusions about the vaccine's ability to prevent Covid or hospitalization. Instead, the researchers relied on measurements of the youngsters' immune response, on the assumption that the protective levels of antibodies seen in older people would be as protective in younger children.

Biggest lie of all: when the media, Fauci, and others said that anyone claiming the Wuhan lab was the origin of the virus was a conspiracy nut.  Fauci is obviously trying to hide the truth since he helped fund the Wuhan lab that did gain of function research.

It is sad that the Democrats, including Fauci, wouldn't even show up for a hearing on the origins of the virus since they pretend to care.

Why would anyone trust the social media giants to determine what is misinformation and what is not when they willingly spread so much misinformation from people pushing government control and the leftist agenda?

And Nikki Manaj is the problem?

Image: Eva Rinaldi via FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0.

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