Simple solution to vaccine mandate

I have thought of a solution to deal with the mandate of the covid vaccine, and it is so simple. If men can pretend to be menstruating women, we can pretend to be vaccinated. If pretending isn't quite enough, we need only identify as vaccinated. How can corporate America respond to our identification? By God, it is who we are, right? If we identify as vaccinated, it wouldn't make sense to actually get vaccinated. It would be as close to a double-negative and defeat the purpose of actually being mandated to get vaccinated. See, now I'm thinking stupid, and it's making sense.

President Trump almost ruined the vaccination ruse by claiming HQC as an effective treatment for Covid. And then a Michigan Democrat had the gall to use HQC touted by President Trump and was cured of Covid within hours of taking the prescription drug. And she spoke about it. The evil, greedy morons didn't like hearing about a Covid cure and shut down all mention of the drug along with access to the drug. If only President Trump had doubled down and shouted to the rafters about HQC at his rallies, I believe the Stupid Years could have ended and he would have remained in office.

President Trump may have noticed at his rallies that the only time he loses his audience is when he mentions taking the Covid vaccine. Too many adverse reactions to the vaccine have been documented for healthy people to consider taking the shot. The covid vaccine has become a political football and is one issue that needs to be left with the Stupid Years. We don't want anything to do with it.

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