A humanitarian crisis -- for Del Rio, Texas's U.S. citizens

Joe Biden's halting of the border wall, bid to end President Trump's 'remain in Mexico' policy for would-be asylum claimants to halt abuses, abrogation of migrant treaties with Central American states, and diplomatic mismanagement of relations with Mexico, has led to a humanitarian crisis on the U.S. border.

Press accounts point to squalid conditions in the 15,000-person first-of-its-kind shantytown encampment of mostly Haitian migrants, which is real enough, but the real victims are the Americans who live in Del Rio, Texas, now seeing a host of unasked-for problems as thousands of unvetted, unvaccinated, often indigent foreigners stream in.

According to this report:

...and this

Val Verde County Sheriff Joe Frank Martinez said that that his officers are "all hands on deck" to ensure safety in Del Rio. He said his priority was making sure, "the citizens of my community understand we are mobilizing all our resources to address this issue."

Food and water provided by U.S. officials at the Del Rio camp quickly run out, so hundreds of migrants cross back through the Rio Grande to Ciudad Acuña each day to buy provisions.

...and this:

I am continuing to get messages from our Del Rio community on the ripple effects of this crisis. There are food shortages in grocery stores and restaurants have been asked to close early to make food for the camp. Workers who usually commute from Mexico are unable to get to their jobs resulting in a shortage of help in hotels and other industries.”

Del Rio is a small American city of 53,000 people in 17,000 households, which just happened to be situated near the Mexican border. It's not close to anything, its nearest big city is San Antonio which is 150 miles away, and therefore it has little cartel activity involving disputes over trade routes in cross-border traffic. Many of its residents are bi-cultural, with some working in Mexico and living in the states and others working in the U.S. and living in Mexico in perfectly legal arrangements which are natural for any border city.

The city is facing food shortages? What are the locals supposed to eat? Are there Americans now, going hungry? That's what happens when a place runs out of food. How does the small city of Del Rio feed and house a sudden migrant camp that's a third the size of the city itself?

The restaurants have been dragooned into serving illegal border crossers instead of conducting business as usual within their own community? (I'd like to know if they're being paid properly.) 

The feds who've been sent in to deal with the crisis are facing a housing shortage? Where are they going to put them?

Legitimate workers at hotels and other industries are being told they can't come to work from across the border because of the migrant surge? (I'd like to know if the Biden administration will compensate them for the lost wages since this is a problem they created).

This is a heckuva lot of disruption for a small city to take, and based on what's out there, all of it looks uncompensated. Let's not even get into the potential for crime as frustrated criminally-minded migrants fan out around a city they view as rich and there for the taking.

Yes, there's a humanitarian crisis of another kind over at the 15,000-person migrant camp -- where there's no food, no bathroom facilities, no water, no air conditioning, no sanitation, no trash collection, no law enforcement and it's obviously getting hellish. 

But the latter was a man-made crisis and the camp itself is the result of the personal decisions of the migrants. Apparently, they thought someone would take care of them or they would not have made the bus trips. It could easily be shut down if the feds didn't take it upon themselves to feed and house the group and the inevitable happened in the wake of it -- the group moved back into Mexico to obtain food and water as they had done before. There are many reports out there of migrants moving back and forth from Mexico and the states to secure the provisions. But apparently, there aren't enough, because Del Rio itself is experiencing shortages as well as other problems caused by the sudden crush of humanity brought in by the promises of asylum thanks to Joe Biden.

If that's not something to hold Joe Biden accountable for, what is? The Del Rio residents have the same rights as other American citizens. But right now, they're being treated as second-classers. It's high time that Biden be held accountable for the problems he's created for U.S. citizens as he pursues his open-borders political agenda designed to ensure a permanent Democratic majority in government. These costs and side-effects from his policy on the Del Rio residents are unconscionable, unfair, and basically despicable.

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