Questioning false positive COVID tests in hospitals

There's a strong possibility that many of the alleged COVID cases in hospitals are not COVID at all but are, instead, the result of the hospitals using the PCR test, which has a high failure rate.  My family has firsthand knowledge about the serious problems with the PCR test's reliability.

One of our kids broke a bone very badly around a month ago and ended up in the hospital.  The hospital did a PCR test and found her to be COVID-positive.

What the department in the hospital that conducted the test realized is that the kid had just had pre-op testing done and that the pre-op department — in the same hospital — ran a more accurate test specifically made only to detect COVID.  That test was negative.  Also, the kid is on ivermectin as a preventative due to some underlying medical issues, so she was unlikely to have the virus.

The sad thing is that, even they'd been informed about the more accurate test, presumably with the hospital records being updated to reflect that fact, a couple of the nurses kept telling my wife over the phone and in person that the kid had the COVID.  It felt as if they were trying to convince us of that fact.

The kid wasn't made to wear a fear-mongering mask and was not quarantined in a special area of the hospital.  She even spent two days in the cardiac ICU due to the underlying condition triggered by the pain of the break.  Six days in that place, and the kid still didn't catch COVID.

So we have experienced proof that that hospital is doing the PCR test despite definitive proof that it's inaccurate.  It's tempting to believe they're doing this because there are financial benefits associated with COVID patients.  (The financial benefits are very real.)

If our experience is representative, there are lots of hospitals keeping in COVID wards patients who are not sick.  Even the NHS NIH had to admit that 40% of their supposed COVID patients were admitted to the hospital for something else.  Does this mean that 40% of the diagnosed cases in the U.S. could be false?

How many other hospitals are still insisting on using tests with high false-positive rates, harming Americans not just financially, but statistically and psychologically?

Image: Positive COVID test by geralt.  Pixabay license.

Carl Henry is a pseudonym.

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