Desperate Dems disgracing themselves in Afghanistan fiasco cover-up efforts

Democrats on the House Oversight Committee unanimously voted against surveying the equipment, paid for by American taxpayers, that was left behind in Afghanistan, making the Taliban the best-armed terror state in history. Representative Nancy Mace has revealed this, to almost no notice outside the conservative blogosphere:

Just a day earlier, Speaker Nancy Pelosi killed a request by Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to read aloud the names of the thirteen servicemen and women who lost their lives in the terror attack at Hamid Karzai International Airport in the late stages of the bungled and incomplete evacuation.

The bet that Biden and his party are making is that Americans can be persuaded to forget about the most disgraceful military disaster in the history of the Republic. They think vaccination mandates, climate change, and the effort to spend us into hyperinflation will cause people to forget about what is, after all, an unpleasant reality.

Most of the 25 Democrat members of the House Oversight Committee come from very safe districts, as befits a committee with the power to investigate and embarrass those responsible for screw-ups. People like Squad members Ocasio-Cortez, Pressley, Tlaib. Can't ask too many embarrassing questions when Democrats hold the White House.

But the problem with what happened in Afghanistan is that it has unleashed our enemies and armed a fanatical bunch of Islamists, and they get a say in what the future will bring. Pakistan, Iran, China, and Russia are all seeing a feckless dotard leading the United States and know that their opportunities are upon them when it comes to aggression because America no longer has a leader who will stand up against them.

There are still an undetermined number of Americans in Afghanistan, abandoned by Biden, and the very well-armed Taliban may well use them against us. Their families and friends are unlikely to remain silent. Ask Jimmy Carter what a bunch of American hostages can do to a presidency.

History will not stand still. The ramifications of our surrender are potentially enormous and painful. I hope and pray China does not move against Taiwan, that Iran will not use the nuclear weapons it rapidly is developing against Israel. Or that the Taliban will not stage mass executions of American hostages or of those of their countrymen who worked with us (only to be abandoned).

Newt Gingrich taught us how to use national issues to win control of the House in 1992. Every single Democrat in the House is up for election in 2022, and those who don't sit on the House Oversight Committee — that wants to prevent us from knowing what arms we surrendered to the fanatics who permitted 911 to be planned on their territory — kept Democrats in control of that committee by voting in Nancy Pelosi as speaker. Remove that majority by defeating your local Democrat House member in 2022, and you can right a great wrong.

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