NY governor Kathy Hochul exposes America's real religious zealots

In the West, leftists, not traditional practitioners of Christianity or Judaism, are the real religious fanatics.  The traditionalists ask only that society maintain the most fundamental core values (e.g., marriage between a man and a woman, two immutable sexes, the sanctity of life) and otherwise want to be left alone.  The leftist zealots practice a more Islamic-inspired faith, one demanding full participation in the faith with dire consequences for those who refuse.  The latest, and perhaps most creepy, example of this mindset is New York governor Kathy Hochul telling people God wants vaccinations and begging them to be her vaccination apostles.

Leftists routinely climb aboard the religious bandwagon to make the point that Jesus and the Bible perfectly align with the Marxist demands.  Until yesterday, the most recent example of that was Nancy Pelosi insisting that her Catholicism inspired her "yes" vote on a bill guaranteeing abortion on demand through a woman's labor ("I come to this as a Catholic mother...").  Biden, too, has always relied heavily on his Catholicism to justify his support for abortion.

My favorite example, though, is a leftist who, in 2015, cherry-picked her way through the New Testament to prove that Jesus is a leftist (she used the word "liberal," but you know what she meant).  By reading through the Sermon on the Mount unhindered by any understanding about Jesus's traditional Torah education or the deeper meaning of his words and acts, she turned him into someone who would have been at home in any college faculty lounge.

In leftist world, Jesus enthusiastically supports the LGBT crowd, non-Christians, and anyone else who isn't a straight, White, Christian male.  Jesus, who believed in rendering unto God that which is God and to Caesar that which is Caesar's and sought to have people give to charity because of the dictates of their conscience, suddenly becomes a huge proponent of taxing the rich, welfare, and modern environmentalism.  Indeed, this blogger says, when Jesus freely performed such miracles as raising the dead or healing lepers, he was modeling the precursor to Obamacare.  Likewise, when Jesus threw the money-changers out of the Temple, it wasn't because they were profaning a sacred space; it was because he hated capitalism.

After reading the post, I had an epiphany: it isn't conservatives who are trying to turn America into a Christian theocracy; it's leftists who are doing that, except that they've remade Christ in their image.

Enter New York governor Kathy Hochul, the woman who just fired all of New York's unvaccinated health care workers so she can bring in foreign workers and National Guard members to take over the state's health care.  I kind of have my doubts that forcing hospital closures because of understaffing is a good way to deal with COVID cases and other health care needs in New York.

But it's all good because Hochul is spreading the gospel of the Church of Vaccination.  She's a high priestess (or even a god, given her call for people to be her apostles), and she's selling it hard:

Hochul’s got her religious icon around her neck, and she’s gunning for the non-believers.  In the new state Church of Vaccination, the unvaccinated are going to be forced to convert, whether with fire or sword — or in the case of New York in 2021, through unemployment and expulsion from any participation in normal life.

Expect the auto-da-fé to be on the menu next year for any unvaccinated holdovers.  And all this is for a virus with a greater than >99.8% survival rate for people under 70 (and imagine how much better the survival rate would be if doctors were allowed to prescribe ivermectin for early intervention).

Religion when tempered with wisdom and humanity is a wonderful thing that has propelled the West, especially America, into becoming the freest, most innovative, most wealth-creating, most humanist society in the world.  Religion when pushed through fanaticism and zealotry is a terrifying thing, as we saw on September 11, 2001 and as we're in seeing 2021 thanks to leftist zealotry, whether it runs through a Christian filter.

I think you'll enjoy Tucker's take on Hochul's evangelism:

Image: Kathy Hochul preaching the vaccine gospel (edited).  Twitter screen grab.

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