Nancy vs. my neighbor

My neighbor in rural America is a sweet German woman who lost her husband a few years back.  She lives in an older house on three acres of land here in flyover country, and most of the land has very few trees and has not been converted to a cornfield, so it needs to be cut every week.

Last week, my neighbor needed help as she got her zero-turn mower stuck crossing a ditch while she was out collecting fallen sticks from her trees in her yard.  This mower is not for the faint of heart when it comes to operating machinery, and my 79-year-old neighbor cuts her two and a half acres every week with her sunbonnet and her medical alert button around her neck so her family feels safe.

As I was pulling her mower out of the ditch with my tractor, I couldn't help thinking of the irony of comparing my neighbor to some of the people who run our country.  We have politicians in charge who don't have the skills to put fuel in this mower, let alone cut two and a half acres of grass.

While many would think cutting all this grass with a high-speed mower would be enough for this sweet lady, it simply isn't.  When my wife and I attended the local fair this summer, one of the few people we actually knew at the fair was our neighbor, working multiple shifts at the burger stand for the church on a 90-degree day.  During the COVID nightmare, she had to quarantine at least three times because she volunteers at the local food pantry twice a week.

Comparing the attributes of my neighbor to somebody like, let's say...Nancy Pelosi would be almost funny if Nancy didn't have the ability to cause so much destruction in our country.  While both women are about the same age, Nancy sits at the pinnacle of legislative power as speaker of the House and enjoys all the taxpayer-funded perks that can be had.  As Nancy and many of the elites who are supposed to be public servants look down on people like my neighbor and the rest of us in little people land, my neighbor, in turn, looks up to God and actually lives a life of service.

While my neighbor pours her heart into following her faith and living a life under God, people like Nancy use their faith as a political tool, quick to whip it out when it's convenient to grab a couple of votes or please the liberal side of the Catholic Church, then violently toss it aside every time there is a vote that will kill a few more babies.

To put it simply, my neighbor is a blessing to our world, to our community, to her church, and to herself.  She does more at her age than many people who are younger.  As for Nancy Pelosi and the rest of her establishment cronies, while some may have had ideals when they initially got elected, they are all gone now.  When you look at what they provide for anyone other than themselves and the rest of the Washington swamp, it amounts to zero.  Another sad aspect is that many senior citizens are lifetime AARP (code for Democrat political action committee) members and vote Democrat, as they are supposed to be the ones to take care of health care.  If only they realized that the people they are supporting despise the life they have lived.  Like my neighbor, they have lived a life of faith, family, independence, and self-reliance, and they didn't have to soak the taxpayers for millions to do it.  

In the end, both of these women will eventually leave this world, and when that time comes, my neighbor will go on to bigger and better things with an easy heart, knowing that she lived a fulfilling life as a blessing to all and a faithful child of God.  Nancy, on the other hand, should be hoping there is a CNN or an NPR reporter at the gates of Heaven, because short of that, she might be heading in another direction.

Image: AFGE.

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