Most Globalists are power-hungry oligarch tyrants

Rich people and rich corporations including international banks rule the world and their primary goal is to make money the monopolistic capitalist way. Their ideology is not necessarily fascist or communist but most power-hungry oligarch tyrants basically prefer a one party system which has been corrupted by money. In China about 50 families own all the important wealth in the country, but almost all are members of one party, the CCP. In the United States many corporate oligarchs are neither fascist nor communist in their ideology but believe in controlling a one-party system which today seems to be the Democrat party.

In the world many oligarch tyrants believe in censorship of the press, especially views against one party rule, and are against traditional individual rights and responsibility or conservative thinking and acting. Censorship in China can mean imprisonment or even death and in the United States it is censorship in the form of blacklisting or denial of financial freedom as in the case of Google suspending the Parler app and Paypal’s financial censorship of Larry Brandt, who used Paypal to fund internet freedom.

Historically, the difference between fascists and communists was that many Fascists believed in some freedom of religion, permitted some human rights, and promoted the right to own property, whereas the communists even today are vehemently against religion, against human rights, and severely limit the personal property which can be owned by private citizens.

Today, most true globalists don’t really care if you are communist, fascist, democratic, or a religious theocracy ruling a nation. What is of paramount importance is that most globalists want to control the money supply and dictate the economic rules to be followed by each nation so that they can benefit financially.

In the United States, one party rule is a distinct future possibility. Most of academia, celebrities, the media, big tech, and the educational bureaucracy are Democrats. There is talk about packing the courts with Democrats, eliminating the filibuster that protects minority political rights to some extent, lax Federal voting standards with more potential fraud possible, and open border immigration policy with future potential voters being largely Democrat. This all sounds like a brazen attempt at taking over the government and making Democrat one-party rule permanent.

The reality is that the US was and still is a globalist nation after WWII and got involved in many foreign conflicts in Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, etc.  Today thanks to big retail firms like Amazon and Walmart we are importing more foreign goods than exporting which is a large reason why we are deficit spending beyond reason. Biden is not helping with his grandiose multi-trillion dollar spending attempts which will just increase the deficit and increase taxes more and more.

Thanks to successful exporting, foreign nations like China, Mexico, Canada, and Japan the manufacturing base of the US has declined precipitously and we are making fewer and fewer things that the world wants and needs.

America is in deep financial crisis but the biggest threat to America is international corporations and American politicians who are being corrupted by political donations. Politicians are callously ignoring the dire declining health of the American economy. 

We now have Democrats who are not only trying to destroy the effectiveness of the American Constitution but also trying to destroy the moral or ethical social fabric of America with tyrannical censorship and with insane woke demands and an ideology which largely reflects an American form of Marxism.

Globalism used to be our friend, but today it is to a large extent our enemy. Wake up America and start doing something about it! A good start is to combat the immoral or unethical predatory economic practices of China’s CCP. 

A follow up important thing to do is to end the educational indoctrination in our school system which preaches lowering reading, writing, and math standards. Start reawakening civic courses which teach the Constitution and a participation in local politics. End subjects like critical race theory and gender physical equality, which is artificially dividing humans into combative ethnic groups, end making being born white a racist crime, and end ruining heterosexual family life.

Above all, a return to placing emphasis on moral or ethical behavior development in children is essential to a continuing prosperity of the nation on into the foreseeable future. The globalists don’t care what happens to America, but we should greatly care and try to rescue it from further decline.

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