Love those border agents

We love horses in Texas.  We love law enforcement officers.  And we really like it when law enforcement officers ride on horses.  Heck, we have a museum in Waco for the Lone Ranger, the most famous one on a horse.

This is why there is so much outrage down in South Texas over the infamous "whip" claim, especially since the officer was not using one.

David Marcus tells the story:

In Del Rio, Texas, this weekend the mood can be described as the quiet after the storm. The mass of migrant humanity under the bridge here has been broom cleaned by the Biden administration. But the place is still shook. 

My cab driver, just minutes after arriving at the tiny airport told me, "Nothing like this has ever happened before. We get people coming across the border, but not 15,000."

The overwhelming thing you realize upon arrival in Del Rio is just how small it actually is. It is a main strip with the usual haunts, a Walmart, and some few dozens of blocks extending out into America until there is almost nothing. 

The town was overwhelmed and the people here appreciate those men on horses:

What kept the town safe, what kept the situation under control were the border agents from all over the country who swept into Del Rio. Yes, the same ones that Biden and the White House are smearing as racists to cover for their own failures.

We can safely say no one is happy that the Biden White House decided to play the race card on the Border Patrol agents.  It's an ugly instinct in today's Democrat party.  They blame the police when thugs burn cities and now the men on horses when they tried to protect a small town like this one.

What I'm picking up in conversations with friends and media reports is that border towns are tired of illegal immigration.  Most of these border residents coexist well with their neighbors in Mexico.  Many have relatives on the other side of the border.  They celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving and dress up their daughters for "quinceañeras" with families who live on both sides.  These people are not against immigration, but they do hate illegal immigration because it upsets the order of their many communities.

The Biden administration is not getting support down on the border for attacking the agents trying to keep order in their neighborhoods.

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