Democrats' hyperbole is an attack on the US language, history, sanity

Maxine Waters, bastion of sanity that she is, recently called an image of a U.S. Border Control officer using his horse to prevent an illegal Haitian migrant from entering America a "whipping."  She also said it was "worse than what we witnessed in slavery."  Really?  Why then are literally millions of non-Caucasian people desperately attempting to enter the country?

During the slavery era, the "Underground Railroad" was employed to bring escaped slaves to the North and out of bondage.  Today, countless thousands of non-Caucasians are traveling into supposedly racist America.  Are they all stupid?  Masochists?

The American South of the mid-1800s didn't need to build a wall to keep slaves out.  It did everything it could to keep them in.  Today, the U.S. desperately needs to complete a wall to keep people out.  These facts alone prove the lie behind the "America is systemically racist hoax" being perpetrated by the utterly corrupt government-media–Big Tech–academia complex.

Democrats now routinely employ unhinged, preposterous language in what should be a laughable attempt to smear all things Republican/Trumpian/traditional.  It is as vile as it is ridiculous.  Unfortunately, many people have been so dumbed down by government schools and the Democrat-owned corporate media that they can no longer tell the difference between bald-faced lies and the truth...or discern fantasy from reality.

So Democrats say things like, "The January 6 Capitol riot was the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War!"

"Trump is worse than Hitler!"  "You're right, Bob!  He's worse than Stalin and Pol Pot, too!"

"Larry Elder is the black face of white supremacy!" 

"Republicans hate the planet, fresh air, clean water, and want to throw your grandmother off a cliff!"

"The non-vaccinated are murderers!"

"Abortion is women's health care!"

Etc., etc., etc.

What if we all talked like that?  What if Republicans/conservatives engaged in such preposterous prattle and deranged dialogue?  Such actual hate speech?

"The ongoing BLM and Antifa riots are worse than World War II!"

"Bernie Sanders is worse than Stalin!"  "You're right, Bob!  He's worse than Ho Chi Min and Mao Zedong, too!"

"Justin Trudeau is the black face of white supremacy!"

"Brian Stelter's girth rivals that of the sun!"

"Given that the vaccines themselves are causing the coronavirus to rapidly mutate into more deadly forms, the vaccinated are murderers!"

"Joy Reid is dumber than a houseplant."

And all of the latter "quotes," though preposterous, would be far less so than what Democrats routinely utter.

Because, after all, they are worse than the Devil.

Graphic credit: Public Domain Pictures.

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