Joe Biden's America

This is Joe Biden's America, which is not the America we grew up in, not America as it was founded, and not the America that anyone would recognize:

  • The word "woman" is no longer appropriate to describe the female sex.  Women have been reduced to people with a cervix, who chest-feed their newborns, and who can also be gender-non-binary or non-conforming.
  • In numerous public school districts across the country, Critical Race Theory is part of the daily school curriculum.  CRT teaches that white people are oppressors, while black people are "oppressed victims" in a systemically racist America.
  • Speaking of public schools, recent reports show that 2% or 1.1 million children have permanently disenrolled in American public schools since March 2020.  Fall test scores also indicate that a significant learning gap has occurred since March of 2020, as well as increased obesity in younger children.
  • "Natural immunity" is no longer used to describe someone who has successfully recovered from COVID-19 and developed antibodies against the virus.  Furthermore, Dr. Anthony Fauci is unable and refuses to explain why people who have recovered from COVID-19 still require the vaccine.
  • Before his inauguration, Joe Biden promised there would be no COVID-19 vaccine mandates.  Fast-forward nine months, and not only are there vaccine mandates, but Americans in the military, emergency response personnel, hospital workers, teachers, and federal and some state workers have been threatened with losing their jobs if they refuse to get the jab.
  • While all Americans are strongly "encouraged" to get vaccinated, hundreds of thousands of people have already flooded (and will continue) into the United States unabated, across the open southern U.S. border, untested for COVID-19 and unvaccinated. 
  • The mayor of NYC declared that a vaccine passport is required to dine out, go to the theater, attend shows, gyms...etc.  According to the co-founder of BLM, having to show a vax passport should apply to only some people, because vaccines and showing proof of vaccination are racist.  The White House has no comment.
  • It should also be noted the largest group of unvaccinated people in NYC is the minority (non-white) 18-to-44 age group.
  • According to a recent tweet from Joe Biden, his $3.5-trillion infrastructure bill will cost nothing, and the American taxpayer won't pay a dime.  In plain speak: $3.5T = Zero.
  • From a WSJ article, $3.5 trillion is a phony number: "The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, which is far from a conservative outfit, pegs the real cost over a decade at $5 trillion to $5.5 trillion." 
  • No one in the Biden administration is able to fully explain the words "environmental justice."  The price tag for environmental justice in the $3.5T infrastructure bill is $105 billion.
  • No one in the Biden administration has been held accountable for gross negligence.  Both Lloyd Austin, SECDEF and Mark Milley, JCS remain in their appointed positions despite having orchestrated the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal.  DHS secretary Alejandro Mayorkas continues to claim that the American southern border is secure, while hundreds of thousands of people from Mexico and Central and South America, as well as thousands of displaced Haitians, have crossed the border into Texas.  It's estimated that by the end of 2021, 2 million people will have crossed the border, a fraction of whom will be deported back to their home of origin.  More are coming.
  • Candidate Joe Biden promised that everyone earning $400,000 or less annually would not see a tax increase.  That promise is now up for debate.  Not surprisingly, he's promised a tax increase for corporations, increasing from the Trump-era 21% to a whopping 28%, at the same time the U.S. economy is struggling to return to pre-pandemic levels.  Inflation is in full swing as prices for food, gasoline, construction materials, restaurant meals, and clothing keep rising.  Americans are feeling the pinch, and there is no sign that inflation will end anytime soon.
  • Race relations in the U.S. are at an all-time low despite Biden's election promises to unite the country.  "Defund the police" proposals are now on the ballot in several American cities, while crime in every category has increased exponentially.
  • Internal Democrat party discord is threatening to blow up Joe Biden's domestic agenda, as the president's approval numbers continue to plummet with each new mismanaged crisis.
  • Finally, despite the herculean efforts of the White House press office to hide, conceal, and deflect the obvious: Joe Biden is suffering from acute mental decline.  It's only going to get worse.

That's Joe Biden's America.  Not an America anybody wants, voted for, or is willing to tolerate.  The 2022 midterms can't come soon enough.

Image: White House.

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