Complete the wall...around Biden

Let's hope Joe Biden has finally gone a fib too far, taking to the airways with false indignation to harangue us for daring to question his execution of the lethally inept Afghanistan "retrograde" action he engineered along with his Team of Trivials.  Biden's purpose was to obscure the fact that he'd blithely and needlessly thrust fine, dedicated troops into a tactical straitjacket that could logically have had no other result than multiple casualties — perhaps in the process causing some heretofore tightly shut eyes to be pried open concerning the character and abilities of our overmatched chief executive.

If there is any degree of justice in the world, across this nation, many self-anointed sophisticates are staring at the yellowing diplomas hanging on their walls, contemplating how people so demonstrably smart and accomplished could have been so utterly misguided in their 2020 assessment of presidential fitness.

It's unfortunate that we don't have the voter equivalent of a remedial safe driving course.

Somehow, some way, over his many years of feeding at the public trough (and multi-national deals), Mr. Biden has succeeded in cultivating the image of an amiable, even-tempered spinner of yarns, whose repertoire of self-aggrandizing tales served — at least in his mind — as parables illustrating deeper truths.  And if, in pursuit of his overarching message, the factual bases of these stories were suspect, then what of it?  Underneath it all, Joe's a good egg, don't you know, so why don't we just let it slide?

That protective aura, of a good-natured, basically decent guy despite his obvious intellectual shortcomings and weird personal peccadilloes, made — along with COVID-19 and its concomitant voting irregularities — Biden the un-Trump and his presidency possible.  But it's also catapulted one of the biggest liars in American public life into a position he can't successfully navigate through the copious shoveling of BS.

To the vast majority of readers who frequent this site, Mr. Biden's disastrous incompetence is by no means a surprise.  Indeed, we've all pretty much known from his first day in office that one way or another, a nightmare was in the offing, and national humiliation would likely ensue.  But as in all bad dreams, warning cries were — with the suffocating pillow of Big Tech and corporate media — effectively muffled.  Usually, with little effect, our families, friends, and co-workers were issued warnings that in both temperament and judgment, Joe Biden was wholly unsuited for the presidency — and one needn't be an unabashed Trump-admirer to know it.

Well, that's all water under the bridge now.  A more relevant question is, what aspect of Biden's uniformly miserable presidential performance will produce disillusionment in sufficient measure to cause his abandonment while there's still time to spare the country the permanent harm we're barreling toward?

The pile of lies as destructive to Biden's credibility, as if it were a mound of dynamite, ever grows.  Things big and small — reflexive lying even when there is no discernible benefit and certainly no need.  Lying so transparent that it doesn't even require pointing out, and so frequent it sometimes seems he isn't even aware of it.  A man who is — as frightening as it sounds — programmed to lie, as he did time and again in his clearly rehearsed late August display of arrogance and ill temper.

The public's reaction to Biden's serial lies will be as much a test of America's moral condition as it is his.  The party he leads shares his state of decrepitude, so the obvious constitutional remedies of impeachment and removal, or the never really tried invocation of the Twenty-Fifth Amendment, are probably not presently viable.

So what is to be done?  How can we rescue the country without running roughshod over our laws, traditions, and moral constraints?

I believe that the Founders have built into our system, with its various layers of government, the flexibility to put the protective wall around Biden and Harris that they refuse to erect on our southern border.

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the people immediately surrounding them must be placed in a kind of governmental quarantine, causing problematic but still necessary federal gridlock for a time.  It will require many acts of principled insubordination of the type we recently saw from Marine Lt. Colonel Scheller.  Patriots of good faith across the nation must be willing to put careers, even perhaps their very freedom, at risk.  Acts of refusal must emerge from across the spectrum of government and bureaucracy; compelling the Deep State to recognize that alas, Donald Trump was not quite the worst thing that could have befallen us.

The release of the transcript of the egregious Biden/Ghani phone call may have been the first step in this crucial epiphany.

There are enough remaining centers of competence and authority in our state and local governments and federal agencies to provide for the nation's minimal needs during this "time out" on presidential authority until the political landscape is such that constitutional removal or subsequent rejection by the electorate is possible.

Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans must declare that the Afghan debacle has put the country in deep, imminent peril, and until such time as the president agrees to finally secure our borders, no cooperation — on infrastructure or anything else — is possible.  Biden won't accept this, but most loyal Americans will see its clear wisdom.  And if Mr. McConnell makes his argument cogently, and gets the "bi-partisans" in line, he'll start the ball rolling to send Biden to his room.

Naturally, this course of action is fraught with risks.  There will be charges of sedition, even treason bandied about, and in some quarters, sporadic violence of the kind we saw in 2020 may erupt as the Democrats call their minions into the streets.  Foreign enemies may — if they don't already — see this as a propitious moment to move against our interests or allies.  Therefore, strong, responsible new military leadership must emerge to stand guard over the nation's security while we sort out the political mess we've made for ourselves.  This will not be an easy task, but is there really any alternative?

Joe Biden is not a well man, both physically and emotionally.  The genuine tragedies he's encountered in his life have not imparted upon him the quiet empathy and understanding for which many had hoped, but instead rendered him scarred, damaged, and wholly unable to adequately meet his presidential obligations.  For some reason, he's embarking us upon a national suicide mission, with the eager assistance of those both foreign and domestic who wish this country harm, even destruction.

It is up to Americans of good faith — of any political stripe — to put this self-destructive chapter to an end, while it can still be done by relatively peaceful and lawful means.  Time is quickly running out.

Caricature by Donkey HoteyCC BY 2.0 license.

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