California: A legit recall result, yes, but plenty of evidence of fraud

Much to many Californians' disappointment, Gavin Newsom won his election recall, and did so by a wide margin.

Blue state, Democrat voter registrations outnumber Republican ones by a wide margin — what's the news in that?

In this case, it's fair to say it may well have been legitimate, given that its 66-34 breakdown wasn't close.  Reputable polls such as Emerson and Trafalgar did show in the days before the vote that the numbers had moved into Newsom's column. 

Larry Elder did bring up that there was evidence of fraud going on but effectively undercut his argument by, earlier in the race, dismissing President Trump's claims of 2020 election fraud.  Fraud in California now but no fraud in 2020?  Give us a break; there's fraud embedded in the system.  It just didn't make a difference this time.

Therefore, this recall election could be useful for Republicans because the evidence of fraud was clearly out there.  And they should act now because there will be elections that will be close.

Here are some examples of fraud in this go-round that have been reported from multiple sources:

Multiple ballots mailed to residents in the mass mail-in balloting — these were reported all over, often from duplicate registrations (I know someone in Glendale who got one of these) and registered residents who had moved away decades ago.

Ballot secrecy compromised as voter choices were visible from the holes in the ballot envelopes as well as through a flashlight.  That's incompetent design or, more likely, quite intentional.

Actual problems casting ballots, for Republicans only, based on faulty or rigged election machinery.  This happened in the corruption-plagued San Fernando Valley and hasn't been addressed.

Evidence of tainted voter rolls based on the 449,000 Californians who were dismissed from jury duty for not being citizens.  Leftist fact-checkers who have tried to dismiss this by saying illegals aren't allowed to vote beg the question of whether such people are registered — it turns out they are, because the Superior Court Judicial Branch of California has explicitly stated that it selects jury pools based on voter rolls.  It also says it gets those names from DMV registrations, which the DMV supposedly has separated carefully citizen from noncitizen — which we know it hasn't.  There have been big fails to separate citizens from noncitizens, worsened in part because of their reliance on an "honor system" for people stating their citizenship status.  If 449,000 are being dismissed from jury duty based on non-U.S. citizenship, there are a hell of a lot of non-citizens casting votes out there that the state refuses to go after.

All of these things are evidence of fraud, and it doesn't help that the secretary of state is a doddering Democrat machine operative of known reliability and plenty of nepotism. 

Other states have done considerable work to hose out election fraud from their systems, but California in this regard lags.  There was one important case where Judicial Watch forced Los Angeles County to clean up its filthy voter rolls based on a court order.  But the fraud is all over, and this recall shows that it's still in place and ongoing.  The time is now for Republicans to fight this fraud while Democrats are happy with their result and Republicans are not disputing it.  Having to fight it after a close election where all signs point to Republicans winning is, as the Trump example shows, way too late.  The time to fight it is now.

Image: Chad Davis via FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0.

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