Biden's war on the American military continues

Biden, despite his endless self-serving paeans to his son Beau Biden's military service, must really hate the military and wish to destroy it.  It's not just his imposing Critical Race Theory on the institution (including the academies) or pushing out conservatives, Christians, and others who refuse to get with the socialist program.  It's also that he's so insistent on forcing vaccines onto the young men and women who serve that he wants to court-martial or dishonorably discharge them for refusing a dangerous (especially for them) experimental vaccine.

We know a few things for sure about the COVID and the vaccine:

  • Healthy young people are at minimal risk from COVID;
  • Healthy young men are at maximum risk from the vaccine;
  • The vaccine doesn't actually prevent COVID (although it may lessen symptoms);
  • The vaccine may leave people more vulnerable to variants, which could disable the entire military simultaneously; and
  • We have no idea of the long-term effects of experimental mRNA vaccines on young men and women.

With that in mind, few things seem more stupid than mandating vaccines for America's military, which disproportionately consists of healthy young men and women.  Yet that's what the Biden administration is doing.  And vicious, corrupt Joe Biden wants to put a real sting in it for those who resist — no religious or medical exemptions, plus dishonorable discharges:

The White House said it "strongly opposes" a provision in the 2022 defense spending bill that would block the Pentagon from dishonorably discharging a service member who refuses to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

A section in the House version of the National Defense Authorization Act would limit military commanders' options for disciplining those who fail to comply with the vaccination mandate, the White House Office of Management and Budget said in a statement of administration policy Wednesday.

Section 716 of the NDAA would prohibit service members who are discharged over vaccine refusal from receiving anything other than an honorable discharge, noting that "many Americans have reservations about taking a vaccine that has only been available for less than a year."

The Pentagon has described the vaccine mandate as a "lawful order" that must be obeyed.

"To enable a uniformed force to fight with discipline, commanders must have the ability to give orders and take appropriate disciplinary measures," the White House said in a statement.

The White House also said it opposes Section 720 of the NDAA, which would establish procedures for which members may be exempted from receiving the mandated COVID-19 vaccine for "administrative, medical or religious reasons, including on the basis of possessing an antibody test result demonstrating previous COVID-19 infection."

There's a viciousness to Biden's approach that is completely inconsistent with seeking to protect our troops.  This is a man and an administration that revel in power and wants to squash all dissent — especially reasoned dissent.

One person who is very worried about what Biden's mandate portends for the military's future is Commander J.H. Furman, who posted a formal memo online outlining his concerns about how the command will affect military readiness.  According to Revolver News:

"The forced vaccination of all military personnel with the present COVID-19 vaccines may compromise U.S. national security due to the unknown extent of serious vaccine complications," writes Furman. "Further study is needed before committing the Total Force to one irreversible experimental group. Initial reports leave more concern for the COVID-19 vaccinations than the virus itself for the (at present) exceptionally healthy military population."

Revolver News sums of Furman's key points:

  • The average member of the U.S. military is young and in excellent physical fitness, two categories that are nearly immune to the dangers of COVID. So far, only 24 people out of 2.2 million military personnel have died of COVID-19, a rate of less than one per 91,000.
  • There is reason to believe severe or even fatal side-effects from existing COVID-19 vaccines are more common than reported, and could even prove deadlier to otherwise-healthy servicemen than COVID-19.
  • There is also the outlier possibility that mRNA vaccines (the kind used by the Moderna and Pfizer shots) may have unanticipated negative effects on the immune systems of recipients.
  • Currently, the U.S. military has proven completely capable of weathering COVID-19 without any loss of effectiveness, so forcibly making the entire service a test case for a novel type of vaccine is a pointless risk.

Exactly.  That's why it appears that Biden's actions are done not out of love for the American military, but out of a desire to continue its destruction.  He started with destroying it ideologically with the attack on imaginary "White supremacists," moved to demoralizing it with the shameful and deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan, and is now engaged in a brute-force physical attack on our military from within.  All of this, needless to say, is very un-American and concerning.

Image: Joe Biden checks his watch at Dover.  YouTube screen grab.

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