Biden and Co. have consistently lied to Americans about Afghanistan

In July, Biden's narrative was that the American pullout from Afghanistan was proceeding perfectly.  The Taliban would never come close to Kabul before Americans left, and there was no way there would be a Saigon-style retreat.  In August, when the Taliban had clearly overtaken Kabul, the administration promised that everything was under control and that no Americans would be left behind.  It turns out that every statement made in service of those narratives was a lie when made.  In other words, the administration knew the pulling out was a disaster and knew that it would be abandoning Americans.

Earlier this week, it emerged that Biden knew in July that pulling out American troops abruptly would effectively turn Afghanistan over to the Taliban.  Just two weeks after assuring Americans (including those in Afghanistan) that the situation was completely under control, Biden had a telephone call with Afghanistan president Ashraf Ghani.  Ghani made clear that the facts on the ground were disastrous, with the Taliban ascendant and the Afghan army totally unprepared to handle it.

Upon hearing those words, Biden did not revisit the wisdom of pulling out abruptly and abandoning all the stringent conditions Trump had placed on the Taliban.  Nor did he contemplate accelerating the process of getting both Americans and Afghan allies out of the country.  Instead, Biden told Ghani to lie.  "And there is a need, whether it is true or not, there is a need to project a different picture."

With the lie in place, the administration presented a serene face to the world.  Everything is under control.

In addition to affirmatively lying to the American people, it turns out that Biden also lied to Congress by failing to give a legally required report about the withdrawal:

Earlier this week, Biden administration officials also conceded the president granted himself a waiver to avoid providing Congress this summer a legally required report on the dangers of withdrawing from Afghanistan, leaving lawmakers mostly in the dark about a situation in which U.S. confidence in the Afghan government and military rapidly deteriorated.

And then, as John Solomon explains in the same article quoted above, there were the terrible lies from administration figures about getting people to safety:

  • Every American who wants to come home will be able to do so before Aug. 31.
  • Every Afghan loyalist in danger could be evacuated.
  • The Afghan army could hold Kabul for months after the U.S. departed.

John Solomon's Just the News also exposed the fact that the administration deliberately turned its back on Americans left behind:

[T]ext messages between U.S. military commanders and private citizens mounting last-minute rescues tell a far different story, one in which pleading American citizens were frantically left behind at the Kabul airport gate this past weekend to face an uncertain fate under Taliban rule while U.S. officials sought to spread the blame between high-ranking generals and the State Department

"We are f------ abandoning American citizens," an Army colonel assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division wrote Sunday in frustration in a series of encrypted messages that detailed the failed effort to extricate a group of American citizens, hours before the last U.S. soldiers departed Afghanistan.

(You can see the screen shot here.)

No president or presidential administration has ever engaged in such perverse, deadly — indeed, obscene — lies.  Indeed, when you look at impeachment proceedings over the past fifty years, they can't compare:

  • Nixon was impeached because he tried to cover up that his lieutenants had cheated in the election — with both cheating and cover-ups now unchallengeable if Democrats do it.
  • Clinton was impeached because he lied about his sexual peccadilloes in the Oval office — a behavior that is no longer a problem when there are credible accusations that Biden sexually assaulted a woman in the Senate.
  • Trump was impeached for purely partisan reasons — although it's useful to note that while Democrats had fainting spells because Trump asked Ukraine's president to investigate charges that Biden engaged in completely corrupt dealings in the country to funnel money to Hunter, they are blissfully unbothered by Biden asking Ghani to lie about the unfolding deadly disaster in Afghanistan.

Sen. Mitch McConnell was correct to say Biden won't be impeached with Democrats controlling Congress.  It would have been nice, however, if he'd laid out chapter and verse detailing why Biden should be impeached and promising to do so the moment Republicans regain Congress.  After all, it's hard to conceive of a more corrupt, immoral, and cruel presidential administration.  Nothing will wash the blood off the hands of anyone connected to Biden.

Image: Biden caricature by DonkeyHotey.  CC BY 2.0.

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