As a Senator Biden said that Haiti lacks any significance

This blast from the past only now has come to my attention.  This clip is from 1994 and shows Senator Biden denigrating and dismissing any significance to the island Republic of Haiti.

Considering the literally tens of thousands of illegal migrants from Haiti who have at this time recently flooded and crashed the US border, this clip is actually highly topical.

Note in this clip, Biden is actually lucid.  I say this to rebut those who say it’s not fair to attack Biden for his frequent present-day incoherencies, saying that Biden’s present speaking maladies should be excused because he had a stuttering problem when he was a child.

This clip shows that Biden had long outgrown that little problem.  And therefore, his present-day problems must be attributed, not to childhood stuttering, but instead to dementia.

“If, if if some of us are right on Bosnia, that, uh, this ethnic cleansing has the potential, to rear its ugly head in Ukraine, in, in in Belarus in, in the former Soviet Union, where they have, uh, major, uh, arsenals of nuclear weapons, where they have long histories of national wars, where ethnicity dominates, uh, uh, that is a phenomenal potential consequence of the United States;

“–  If Haiti – a gawdawful thing to say – if Haiti just quietly sunk into the Caribbean, or rose up 300 feet, it wouldn’t matter a whole lot.”

Photo credit: YouTube screengrab (cropped)

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