One brave woman ripped down the perverted ads on the New York subway

Anyone who rides public transportation knows that advertising is part of the package.  On the outside of buses and the inside of both buses and subways, people are bombarded with ads.  In New York, lots of those ads are from OKCupid, encouraging what used to be called deviant sex and pushing a leftist, pro-abortion agenda.  One brave woman, though, with help from a couple of friends (or helpful bystanders?), ripped down those ads while lecturing people about the propaganda being poured into them, including propaganda about COVID.  It was brilliant.

Since I've never used online dating services, I had to look up OKCupid.  According to Wikipedia, it's a "U.S.-based, internationally operating online data, friendship, and formerly also a social networking website and application."  That sounds innocuous until you realize that it caters (hard) to the non-heterosexual crowd, including (again from Wikipedia) people who claim to be "asexual, genderfluid, pansexual, sapiosexual, and transgender."

Beginning in 2018, OKCupid began running aggressively anti-Trump, anti-gun, pro-non-normative sex ads in New York.  In the last year, apparently, those ads have gotten even more political, as well as being openly obscene.  Here are examples of the ads littering the New York subways, starting with the perverse sex (and you'll see more examples in the videos, below):

Note the subliminal Biden logo in the word "Women" in this next one, which is ostensibly about clothes:

There's multilingual vaccine propaganda:

And OKCupid's push for abortions, leftism, and one-night stands:

It was too much for one Asian woman, who, along with a male friend (or just a subway ally), and with loud encouragement from a woman recording the event, ripped down the ads, claiming (rightly) that they are destroying children.  She told the apathetic subway-riders that the vaccine propaganda from New York City is much less useful than just having New Yorkers start losing weight.  She also pointed out that this is the kind of thing that leads to communism.  As I said, she's Asian, so I suspect somewhere in her background is a personal experience, or family experience, with communism in China or Southeast Asia.

The woman is extraordinarily brave.  If more of us could be roused to follow her example—  not even tearing things down but just speaking up — the huge momentum that leftists have would slow to a halt.

Image: One of the least bad images on the subway.  Twitter screen grab.

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