An 'anti-vaxxer' catches COVID

"If I catch COVID, there is zero chance I will die."  So I told my father a few weeks ago while discussing the never-ending government restrictions and my unwillingness to take the experimental COVID vaccine against a petty coronavirus.

Then, earlier this month, I caught the trendy virus.  Secretly, I had some angst that somehow karma would hit me and send me to the hospital, mostly dreading the "I told you so" scolding of the vaccine bullies.

But just as I suspected, my sickness was easily managed, and the symptoms were those of a mild to moderate flu.  For two days, all I wanted to do was sleep, and I barfed once a morning for two days.  Beyond that, I had a headache one day and a queasy feeling, and a poor appetite for four days.  My taste was out of whack for ten days, and my sense of smell remains slightly reduced after more than two weeks.

I have lived through far, far worse flus in my life.  Had my son not first tested positive for COVID at school, I never would have gotten tested myself.  Had there been no orchestrated COVID hysteria, I would never even remember this illness.  Working from home, I did not miss a day of work.

All but one family member also caught the virus, some with worse symptoms, some milder.  We all recovered with only the usual home flu remedies.

We now have natural immunity against COVID.  Common sense and experience tell us that our immunity will probably also serve us well against variants.  Eventually, some other form of the virus may hit us in future years, but our bodies will be broadly prepared for an appropriate immune response, as they always are.

Still, when I went to the local COVID testing center to confirm my infection, the snotty man registering symptomatic arrivals asked if I also wanted to get vaccinated at the same time.  I looked at the idiot.  "Why would I get vaccinated when I'm already sick with COVID?"  He responded snarkily that I must think I had a strong immune system or something, eh?

Taking an experimental mRNA vaccine in the midst of the very infection itself could only be harmful, if not downright dangerous.  But this is what we are dealing with at the official level: mindless authoritarians with a one-track focus on vaccine compliance and a willful disdain for the actual health situation of real people.

Meanwhile, reports from highly vaccinated Israel (where Pfizer has the COVID drug monopoly) indicate that, compared with fully vaccinated people, unvaccinated Israelis with prior COVID infections enjoy seven times better protection against COVID hospitalization.

Israel is already moving along with booster shots, as daily cases hit an all-time high in August.

It appears to me that these mRNA vaccines will prove to be like heroin, requiring more and more to get your "fix," while doing more and more harm with each episode.

And as Microsoft has done with its software, Pfizer and Moderna are now happily achieving a subscription business model for their drugs.  Millions or billions of people will be forced to become regular pharma customers, as government mandates guarantee a steady cash flow for the quasi-monopolies.

By July 4 of this year, an estimated 50% of Americans were fully vaccinated against COVID, and deaths were at a pandemic low of around 200 per day.  By September 20, the estimated vaccination coverage had risen to 60%, yet the seven-day average daily U.S. death count was seven times higher — more than 1,500 per day.  Notice the CDC chart below.  Daily deaths are now as high as in late February, when fewer than 10% of Americans were vaccinated, and higher than most of 2020, when nobody at all was vaccinated.

More vaccines, more deaths.  You do the math.

In this context, for Joe Biden to hiss at us to "get vaccinated," with total disregard for the more than 42 million Americans like me who already have natural immunity, is despicable.

The demented Berater-in-Chief has openly declared war against a large minority of his subjects, calling this a "pandemic of the unvaccinated" and demanding forced vaccinations for the peasants.

I have not had the mRNA vaccine.  But I have far better protection against COVID than do the vaccinated.  I'm probably also less likely to spread COVID than is a vaccinated person.

I'm no health threat to anyone.

I'm not taking the poke.

And for putting my family's health and livelihood at risk over it, you, Joe Biden, are an evil ass.

Martin Fuentes is a pen name.

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