America's media are practicing bad medicine

When the media hide important information from us to achieve their political agendas, it doesn't matter if they apologize after.  Their initial decision was the media and political equivalent of bad medicine.  Let me explain.

Imagine that you have digestive symptoms that are so troublesome that you go to your doctor.  You are 76 years old, and unbeknownst to you, your doctor secretly favors euthanasia for the elderly.  He runs tests that determine that you have Stage 4 cancer.  Instead of telling you and your family what is going on, the doctor tells you instead that you have an ulcer and treats you accordingly.

Two months later, you die of the untreated cancer.  Your grief-stricken family demands an autopsy.  The autopsy shows that you died of Stage 4 cancer.  As your family considers suing the dishonest doctor for malpractice, the dishonest doctor admits that you did have Stage 4 cancer.  He even apologizes to your family for the "mistake" and then quietly pats himself on the back for "clearing the record."  You are still very dead, and the dishonest doctor has practiced bad medicine.

The DNC and the "Big Tech" media are practicing bad medicine on the American public.  Let me share some examples.

We are now beginning to learn, as we have long suspected, that Hillary Clinton and her henchmen concocted "The Russian Collusion Story" that unfairly cast a shadow over the entire four years of the Trump administration.  While Rep. Schiff and Rep. Swalwell beat their war drums, accusing Trump of treason, the truth was that Hillary and the DNC wanted to mortally wound the newly elected president.  The "Big Tech" media gleefully played along.  They made up a lie big enough to seriously undermine the good that President Trump did.

As Politico has finally confirmed (and Glenn Greenwald explains), the stories that the New York Post published in October 2020 about Hunter's Biden's laptop were then and are now true.  To keep the Hunter laptop story from damaging Joe Biden's presidential bid, "Big Tech Media" covered up the story and censored any other attempts to expose Biden family corruption.  This is another example of their bad medicine.  We are now stuck with Biden, and there is no mechanism for a "do-over" of the 2020 election.  Truth delayed is truth denied.

The DNC wants to permanently change America's demographics so that the DNC will be guaranteed permanent political dominance.  Trump was elected in 2016 to slow or stop this transformation.  It remains to be seen whether Biden actually defeated Trump in 2020, but that really doesn't matter now.  Biden's primary mission as POTUS is to finish transforming America into an entirely blue country by opening America's southern border to all comers.

"Big Tech Media" support this DNC engineered invasion and this permanent transformation.  When America becomes unalterably blue, the "Big Tech" media, like the dishonest doctor, will quietly admit they aided and abetted this transformation when the blue transformation is complete.  This will soothe their consciences some.

Lots of bad medicine is being practiced in the land we love.  God help us!

Image: The media by Engin-Akyurt.  Pixabay license.

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