In New York, meet the new abortion boss - same as the old abortion boss

If pro-lifers in New York believe that the new governor, Kathy Hochul, will have a more benevolent attitude towards them—and to babies—than Andrew Cuomo, they are sadly mistaken. She will continue his pro-abortion agenda. The only difference will be that, because she is a woman, the media will cover for her even more.

There was a time when New York’s pro-lifers—with the help of a GOP-controlled State, along with a small group of more moderate Democrats—were able to stop the most radical pro-abortion legislation that the ostensibly Catholic Andrew Cuomo was ready, willing, and able to propose. That would be the Reproductive Health Act (“RHA”) which, after the GOP had lost control of the State Senate, the former governor finally was able to sign into law on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade—proving, once again, that elections have consequences. Since New York has one of the highest rates of abortion in the United States, this bill was totally unnecessary but that was beside the point.

Cuomo celebrated by lighting up the Empire State Building in Planned Parenthood pink—which is also the color of breast cancer awareness and of course, baby girls! RHA essentially removes all protections for preborn infants and even allows for abortions on a baby’s delivery date. RHA even removes protections for an infant born alive during an abortion.

RHA also removes elementary protections for pregnant women abused by boyfriends who end up with a dead baby because of such abuse. An unborn baby, killed in the commission of a crime, can no longer be considered a victim of that crime thanks to Cuomo and his merry band of abortion supporters.

Any restrictions on late-term abortion involve the abortionist’s take about the woman’s “life and health”—with no objective definition of either. There are, in essence, no meaningful restrictions on abortion in New York State thanks to RHA, its supporters in the Democrat party, and Cuomo—who has yet to be excommunicated.

RHA considers abortion to be a “fundamental right” and pro-lifers are justifiably concerned that RHA could be used to criminalize being pro-life. In New York State, under Cuomo, the pro-abortion absolutists have won. In 2014, Cuomo even stated that pro-lifers, whom he bundled together with Second Amendment supporters and homophobes, “have no place in the state of New York. Because that is not who New Yorkers are.”

As everyone knows, Cuomo was forced to step down as governor after harassing dozens of women. He also sentenced the elderly to death in his Covid-19 infected nursing homes and even concealed the true number of dead while having his staff ghostwrite the book “Crisis”—in mid-Covid-crisis. His “book” was essentially a tribute to his “managerial skills,” while he was killing off thousands of New York’s Medicare patients and disabled! He has yet to apologize, and it seems he will keep the ill-gotten gains of his book’s revenues.

Now we have Kathy Hochul, who is also Catholic, as governor of New York. Hochul is as radical as Cuomo is on abortion, even to the point of bringing a former Planned Parenthood leader into her administration. Although, unlike the growling former governor, does her abortion advocacy with a smile. Hochul’s reaction to the commonsense Texas heartbeat bill is to state the New York is a “safe harbor for those seeking abortions.”

Hochul has advocated for chemical abortions to be performed with the aid of video conferences, seemingly unaware that Texas women still have access to Plan B which can be bought over the counter. She has also demanded that Facebook remove any and all references to chemical abortion reversal and wants New York to be the mecca of abortion tourism for women in Texas and other states.

So, to New Yorkers, I say, meet the new abortion boss, who may be worse than the old one and even more dangerous.

Image: Kathy Hochul speaking out in support of Planned Parenthood, 2015. YouTube screen grab.

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