A loser state votes to remain a loser state

So, the failed governor Gavin Newsom managed to beat the recall and stay in office.  He and the Democrat-controlled state Legislature have all but destroyed the once glorious state of California.  He refused to thin the forests as a sop to radical environmentalists, so we've had hundreds of fires.  He has done absolutely nothing to increase our water supply despite the fact that our population has doubled since the last reservoir was built, while he allows the pumping of billions of gallons into the sea.

Like other blue-state Democrats, Newsom has used COVID as an excuse to become a tyrant, closing businesses, extending lockdowns, closing schools and churches, banning singing, etc.  Our schools are a disaster; California now rates among the lowest-achieving schools in the nation thanks to "woke" governors like Newsom (42nd nationally).

Our homeless problem has reached critical mass.  Newsom seems to pride himself on hosting these hundreds of thousands of drug-addicted and/or mentally ill people in filth on our streets.  Throughout the phony pandemic, he has lived high on the hog while condemning the rest of us to all the ridiculous restrictions the left can think of to transform the state into a dictatorship.  Like the rest of our political mediocrities, he thinks he is special, deserving of power, anxious to abuse it. 

California, once Newsom took office, became number one in poverty and unemployment.  We have the highest income taxes and the highest gasoline taxes.  The list of his scandals is long: $31B in unemployment fraud; 19K businesses have closed.  It gets worse!  He is as big a failure as Cuomo but, having beaten the recall, will most likely double down on ruining the state. 

Did he win fair and square?  Doubtful.  Countless Republicans showed up at the polls on Election Day and were told they had already voted.  They hadn't.  Remember a month back, when one man was found passed out in his car with 300 ballots?  One has to wonder if Newsom spent lots of that Soros money to ensure he remained in office.  Will anyone investigate?  Not likely.  The current secretary of state fired all the investigators.

Almost no Republicans in California think the election was fair.  Not even Biden, Harris, or anyone else who campaigned for him could name a single thing he did for the state.  He's done nothing but damage.  So either there was massive rigging or the voters of California are truly ignorant gluttons for punishment.

Newsom is as arrogant and corrupt as Pelosi and Biden.  Like Pelosi and Biden, he has only contempt for the citizens who lack their lofty perch atop their millions and billions of ill gotten dollars.  It is a tragic shame for all Californians that he will keep his job.  Larry Elder would have begun to fix the state.  They know it, too, which is why they resorted to all manner of racist dirty tricks to take Larry out.  The pathetic Los Angeles Times said, "He is the black face of white supremacy."  That debased publication degraded itself even further.  And they wonder why so few people subscribe to the LAT.  It's barely a throwaway. 

Apparently, enough California voters thought it was just fine for Newsom to party at the French Laundry, maskless and without any pretense of social distancing.  The wine bill alone that night was $15K.  California voters must love the smell of hypocrisy at the polls.

The lifestyles of the swells have not been impacted one iota by COVID.  Newsom sent his own kids throughout to their expensive private school while preventing millions of public school kids from attending classes.

And then there is the charge by Rose McGowan that Newsom's wife attempted to bribe her, give her "whatever she wanted," to refrain from outing Harvey Weinstein as a rapist.  McGowan declined, and the MeToo movement was spawned.  Nice folks, those Newsoms — wholly without a sense of morality, just an unquenchable drive to stay on top, with power over people.

For those of us who have lived in California all our lives and remember what it once was, how great the educational system was, how wonderful our economy once was, Newsom is a talentless, vacuous empty suit.  It is difficult to grasp that he won 64% of the vote, hard to believe that many Californians are that masochistic.  We will all be punished for letting him remain, just you wait.  If you think inflation is bad now, just wait.  If you think water will not be rationed, just wait.  Newsom, along with Pelosi, is the grim face of the California disaster.

Photo credit: Gage SkidmoreCC BY-SA 3.0 license.

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