Whoa! Julie Kelly rips the Capitol Police's Michael Fanone

Julie Kelly used Twitter to launch a full-on assault against Michael Fanone, one of the weeping Capitol Hill police officers who showed up for the House's show trial last week.  According to Kelly's sharp and amusing exposé, Fanone is a "crisis actor," who gets away with it because the DOJ and Capitol Police are hiding massive amounts of evidence from January 6.

Kelly doesn't just insult Fanone; she brings evidence to back her disdain for the man:

The clip Kelly included in her tweet comes from a newly published article in Time (yes, the once decent mainstream, now hard-left dreck publication still exists) about the martyrdom of Mike Fanone.  It would take a heart of stone not to laugh at the oozing pathos and bathos in the article.

Kelly's tweeted the article's first paragraphs.  There's poor Mike at an extremely expensive bar to pick up girls, showing his sensitive side.  And then you learn that this big boy is almost broke and lives with Mommy.  The takeaway from the Times' maudlin piece is that this is not a man who should ever have been put in a position of responsibility.

Kelly has more about both Fanone and the corruption in Washington that allows the Capitol Police and the DOJ to hang onto potentially exculpatory evidence:

Of course, the real issue isn't Fanone's showboating (if he's broke, he's probably hoping for the book deal that seems to be the payoff for all Deep State actors); it's the DOJ's utterly reprehensible refusal to show possibly exculpatory evidence to the defendants.  This refusal violates every known prosecutorial requirement to ensure that defendants get their full due process rights and aren't railroaded by a corrupt government:

Meanwhile, just as a reminder, we hear nothing from the officers who spent weeks fighting off Antifa members attacking the federal courthouse in Portland.  These men were assaulted by lasers (leaving some with permanent eye damage), rocks, bottles of frozen water, feces, rockets, and all sorts of other lethal weapons.  As far as the Democrats are concerned, those federal law enforcement officers don't exist.

Every day, in every way, January 6 looks more like the Democrats' Reichstag fire — an event of questionable origin that they are weaponizing to destroy their political opposition.

Image: Michael Fanone.  YouTube screen grab.

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