Is the Lincoln Project going belly-up?

The vaunted Lincoln Project, a scandal-scarred PAC full of former Republican political operatives all dedicated to Getting Trump through political dirty tricks, has abandoned its fancy Park City, Utah headquarters.  Nothing left but the dangling wires and dust.

According to the Washington Free Beacon:

Visual evidence obtained by the Washington Free Beacon confirms that the office space is now empty, save for the memories its former inhabitants made along the way and whatever ghastly demons they may have conjured in the process.

The abandoned headquarters, located in suite 310 at 1910 Prospector Avenue in the luxury ski resort town, was featured in a 60 Minutes segment on the Lincoln Project's largely unsuccessful campaign to defeat incumbent Republicans in the 2020 election.

According to federal election records, the Lincoln Project paid a total of $24,229, including a deposit of $6,923, to rent the office space from B&B Prospector Properties LLC, a Florida-based real estate firm. The group's final rent payment of $3,461 was recorded in May 2021.

The super PAC's official mailing address, according to its website, is a P.O. box in Washington, D.C., near the Capitol building. The Lincoln Project shares that P.O. box number with several left-wing activist groups, including Forward Majority and Defend the Vote. It also shares personnel with those groups and was funded by many of the same left-wing donors during the 2020 election.

In the past, that very headquarters was beamed out to a fawning press as evidence of the PAC's success.  The Beacon mentions a profile that 60 Minutes did of this group.  Here, the Lincoln Project headquarters was featured in a Canadian broadcast company report just ahead of the 2020 election, too:

In the final weeks of the campaign, the group allowed a camera crew with CBC's The National to capture them at work for a day, beginning with their morning meeting hosted by Schmidt. It is an unvarnished look at how they engage each other, a foul-mouthed and jocular approach to work once used to fight Democrats.


Now, the reason for the abandonment could be anything.  Maybe, like Hunter Biden, they found fancier digs elsewhere and didn't tell anyone.  Maybe they couldn't stand being away from their native stomping ground, the Washington swamp, and chose to work out of their homes with just a P.O. box among them instead.  But most likely, the group has fallen into some kind of miserable state and can't pay its rent.  It's telling that on its leaders' Twitter feeds, there's no mention of any financial problems, and the leaders are now shilling Trump-hating backwash from the impeachment era, such as Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who's trying to sell a book, sometimes featuring other sites' work instead of their own.  No flashy ads designed to persuade that sliver of Republicans to abandon Trump and go for Joe Biden is evident.  Biden's performance as president, after all, makes that mission impossible.

And if hard times are the case, it won't be surprising.  The Lincoln Project raised millions in cash from left-wing billionaires on a promise that through its ads and public messaging, it could persuade enough Republicans to become NeverTrumps to hand victories to Democrats.  That certainly never took off, and today, public support for Trump is stronger than ever, with polls showing that Trump bests Joe Biden on the popularity front.  It could very well be that donor cash is drying up just on those failed mission grounds alone.

That's compounded by evidence of other problems with the group.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of all people lambasted the group as a grift operation dedicated to sucking in Democrat donors and their cash (leaving less on the table for other Democrats) while delivering nothing in return. 

The Beacon points out that they've spent lavishly on their marquee headquarters, and their founders paid themselves monster salaries and other compensation, basically using most of the money to finance their lavish lifestyles, some of them using it to erase their personal debt.  The PAC claimed to have pulled in $100 million in the last election cycle.

Lastly, the group is morally repugnant in pervy sex scandals.  According to the Beacon:

Dozens of young men, including one who was just 14 years old, accused Weaver of inappropriate sexual behavior, such as sending unsolicited photos of his genitals and grooming them by offering career opportunities in exchange for sex.

Lincoln Project cofounders Reed Galen, Steve Schmidt, and Rick Wilson were aware of Weaver's problematic behavior yet only took action after a January report from the New York Times.

Does this sound like a viable group going forward?  Nobody's converted to NeverTrumpism for their efforts, they can't stop lining their pockets, and they're now just reliving the good old days with self-important fools like Vindman, as well as a new sideline of shaking down companies that donate to Republicans such as Toyota through political boycotts rather than ads meant to persuade.  Does "Ridin' with Biden" sound like a vote- and cash-getter?  Does the whole thing sound like a viable project for leftist billionaires to throw their money at?  Not based on what I can tell.  Quite likely, they've been found out and called out like con men, and the grift is over.

Image: Amaury LaPorte via FlickrCC BY 2.0.

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