The real fraud of 2020

Fraud and 2020 are a popular theme among many who voted for President Trump.  Yet I'd rather talk about a different fraud or one where the evidence is clear.

We saw a lot of disappointment from the media about what just happened in Afghanistan, as reported by Joe Cunningham:

If for one brief moment, it appears that the love affair between the Biden Administration and most of our legacy media is on the rocks.

Hailed as the Returner of Norms, Joe Biden was supposed to be everything Donald Trump wasn't. Calm, collected, a man with a plan, sparse in tweets, progressive, etc. His administration was predicted by all the major outlets to be a great one that would make America rational again.

But the last several days have proven that, even as a Democratic administration, you can still get negative coverage.

The withdrawal from Afghanistan has been an absolute nightmare scenario for any politician, but for the President and head of a political party, it looks like this is only the beginning. 

The media coverage is absolutely brutal.

You are even hearing about the optics, or the president by himself in a conference room or flying back to vacation after delivering a speech.  Some were even complaining that the president did not take questions.

Where were these reporters during the campaign?  What about the optics of a candidate who stayed in the basement and did not do press conferences?  I guess those optics were OK because the objective was to defeat Trump.

Yes, there was fraud in 2020.  It was the media protecting a candidate from rigorous questions or questions period.  They all knew that Biden could not put in a full day on the job, but that was overlooked to get Trump.

As Bill O'Reilly just said:

As usual, the corrupt and lazy corporate media (network and cable news) missed the most important aspect of the Afghanistan debacle. And that is yet another horrendous situation presided over by a diminished president.

It doesn't really matter anymore why Joe Biden cannot make sound decisions. What matters only is that he cannot. And neither can his advisers.

Yes, we are stuck with a diminished president, and everyone in the media knew it in 2020.  That's the real fraud of 2020.

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Image: Gage Skidmore.

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