The new progressive bitter clingers

Current events often create memorable new clichés and aphorisms.

One such well-known occurrence took place in San Francisco during Barack Obama’s first campaign for president in 2008. He made an off-handed remark to his supporters, expressing his frustration that mid-western blue-collar voters were not reliable Democrat party voters. This was the famous “bitter clingers” remark whence he denigrated middle-class voters for being unhappy that government policies weren’t able to save their jobs. “They cling to their religion and guns,” said the tolerant Barack, his voice dripping with the derisive condescension of an elitist snob, unable to fathom how 100% of the electorate was not automatically supporting him.

As is often the case with these newly created sayings, they expand beyond their original meanings and cast a wider net than they did the first time.

Call it progressive hypocrisy. Its reach is impressive. Its chutzpah is considerable. Progressives think that no one will either notice or care when they speak their contempt because they are confident the liberal mainstream media and Big Tech will cover for them. Their hypocrisy has now created the new Progressive Bitter Clingers.

Whether it’s CNN, MSNBC, Big Tech, the traditional leftist mainstream media, or even individual progressives on the popular social media platforms, the Progressive Bitter Clingers continually cling to any old criticism of President Trump, rather than acknowledge the utter fiasco of the Biden administration.

President Trump’s “mean tweets,” his supposed (but non-existent) racism or favoritism toward his rich donors, his old unreleased and totally irrelevant tax returns, Trump’s America First approach (wildly distorted by progressives into a counterproductive hegemonistic arrogance), all of these and more are the “religion and guns” that the new Progressive Bitter Clingers just can’t let go of.

Progressive hypocrisy is stunning—they don’t let up on any criticism of President Trump, but progressives are the first to denounce anyone who brings up a criticism of a past Democrat party president. Don’t you dare speak of these:

  • Bill Clinton’s outrageous behavior with Monica Lewinski or his failure to grab Osama Bin Laden when Sudan offered to hand him over (well before 9/11)
  • Obama’s failure in Benghazi or his illegal Fast and Furious Mexico gun-running scheme or him orchestrating the Lois Lerner/IRS anti-conservative initiative

Most progressives have pushed these Clinton and Obama faux pas so far out of their collective consciousness that they’d have to re-read the details of the events to even remember them. However, between the biased Leftist media sweeping it all under the rug and communications-challenged Republicans being unable to fire virtually any lethal political ammunition, even as it’s simply laying there at their feet just begging to be used, no one in the “persuadable” category of voters is allowed to remember anything bad that any former Democrat party president did. (However, everyone seems to remember the 2003 Abu Ghraib Iraq prison scandal from Republican President George W. Bush’s tenure, even though that was nearly twenty years ago. Imagine that.)

The current Democrat administration has been an abject failure from every single possible angle.

  • The economy is tanking, as the recovery from the height of the pandemic has been tepid at best, far short of expectations. The economy is staggering under higher taxes, wasteful, inflation-inducing government spending, overly generous handouts that cripple job-seeking incentives, and the to-be-expected anti-business signals that come from every Democrat administration.
  • U.S. energy production is in disarray. The Keystone XL pipeline and many federal exploration leases have been canceled, pushing gasoline prices towards $4.00/gallon, yet Russia’s Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline to Europe was allowed to go through, as Biden pointlessly frittered away a huge leverage point over Vladimir Putin for absolutely nothing in return.
  • After Biden foolishly and arbitrarily reversed President Trump’s highly effective border security measures, our southern border is now wide open. There is unrestricted illegal immigration, with no way to know who is coming in and no way to verify their COVID status.
  • The still-unfolding Afghanistan pullout is a total disaster. There is no telling how much worse this will get. For thousands of Americans, safe escape is highly questionable. For Biden and his top advisors to not have anticipated and planned for this is beyond shameful. It is criminal. If one-tenth of this occurred under President Trump, the drumbeat for impeachment would have already reached a fever pitch. But Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, The Squad, et al. remain astonishingly silent, their completely dishonest, self-serving manner on full display for all the world to see.

The likes of General Mark Milley, Secretary of State Tony Blinken, DoD Press Secretary John Kirby, and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin are so woefully unqualified, so overwhelmed, so far in over their heads as they scramble to clutch even the most elementary facts (“How many Americans are still there?” “Uh…..I do not know……”), that the entire lot of them should be summarily fired on the spot and replaced by actual professionals who have the interests of America and its citizens as their first concern.

The above are “facts on the ground,” not unsubstantiated opinions. This administration is an object lesson on the mortal danger posed to the existence of our country and its people by recklessly unchecked CRT/BLM Wokism. While Progressives foolishly and inexplicably cling to the false past ghosts of President Trump, the reality of the present-day world and America’s proper role in that world crumbles around their incompetent, unprepared feet. This proves once again that the occupant of the Oval Office needs to recognize the priority of the nation’s security and prosperity above all else. If progressives have any serious political ambitions (beyond simply rigging elections), they would be well served by clinging to the thought of national security and prosperity as their centerpiece for guiding the nation, instead of their vacuous, imbecilic notions of “white privilege” and “gender identity.”

Image: Screen shot from NBC News video, via shareable YouTube

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