The MSM are not ditching Biden

The simplest explanation of human action, due to Aristotle and made precise by game theory, is that actions are undertaken in the belief they are likely to accomplish a desired goal.  If the belief is false or irrational, that won't happen. Moreover, waiting to cause mischief are the law of unintended consequences and Murphy's Law.  War plans are well and good, Eisenhower famously quipped, until the war starts.

With that in mind, a dissenting opinion is in order regarding Monica Showalter's view that "the press has fallen away from Biden's side."  My take is that the torrent of justified criticism aimed at the administration in the wake of the Afghanistan debacle does not mean that the MSM are throwing Biden under the bus.  What, then, does it mean?

The first point to make, goal-wise, is that MSM criticism does not mean the propaganda arm of the Democrat party is trying to persuade its leader to resign.  If he does that, which is highly unlikely — think Jill Biden — Harris becomes president.

What's wrong with that?  Well, it's not clear that the powers-that-be who got Biden elected would be happy with President Harris because they don't know what goals her administration would pursue and may not be confident they can shape them.  If you think Harris is difficult to work with now, just wait.  Besides, Harris will want her own special place in history as the first president who is "a female person of color."  Pandora's box emanations are sure to eclipse Obama's and cause even more irreparable harm.

So what goal is the MSM pursuing going after Biden?  Two of them, actually.  First, create a pressure valve to help the country let off steam.  The criticism Showalter enunciated can be found just about everywhere in the media.  They're all singing this tune, as if on cue, to get the country screaming and yelling about Afghanistan until we've run out of breath, which will happen in a couple of weeks or so.  Second, persuade a deeply distrusting public that the (lying, conniving) MSM now practice journalism instead of propaganda.  As the Duke put it in a famous movie, "that'll be the day!"

After the noise dies down, Biden will make a speech praising his national security team for doing the best they can with a flawed plan — Trump's (of course) — so the Afghanistan mess is not their fault; nevertheless, key players have agreed to retire.  Defense secretary Lloyd Austin left a profitable career in private industry to head the Pentagon and can return to that; ditto secretary of state Anthony Blinken.  Beltway bandits will welcome Joint Chiefs chairman General Mark Milley with open arms and a hefty salary.

Finally, no matter what they say to the contrary, the MSM have not given up on the goal to help Biden fundamentally transform this country by placing globalism above the health and welfare of the American people.  These are the goals of the puppet masters who installed Biden in the White House and are telling the MSM what to do as well.  The millions of Americans who voted for Trump want to know what GOP seniors such as McConnell and McCarthy plan to do about it.  The evidence so far is not encouraging.

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