The factual post that got Alex Berenson banned from Twitter

From the beginning of the COVID pandemic, former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson has been focused on following the facts no matter where they lead.  More often than not, the facts have led him in a different direction from those emanating from the World Health Organization or from Anthony Fauci.  What's important to remember about Berenson, though, is that, while his conclusions may differ from those being pushed on the American people, he never deviates from the facts.  That's why Twitter just kicked him off.

Because Berenson's conclusions did not support mask mandates and lockdowns, the tech tyrants hate him.  He's routinely been locked out of Twitter, and, last year, Amazon tried to shut down his self-published works about the virus.

Now Twitter has banned him permanently for pointing out the obvious about the vaccines: they're not real vaccines that provide permanent protection against an illness.  (I liken them to space-age flu shots.)

Berenson has known for a while that he was going to get the ax, which is why, when he's appeared on Tucker Carlson's show (as he has regularly since the pandemic began), he's been urging people to visit his Substack account.

On Saturday, Berenson put up a short post at Substack entitled "Goodbye Twitter: I am officially suspended."  The eye-catching thing on the post is the "entirely accurate" tweet that got him suspended — and he's right that it is entirely accurate:

Here's Berenson making the same point on Tucker Carlson's show a week and a half ago:

What was a little more interesting to me was a throwaway line Berenson dropped into his accompanying comments (emphasis mine):

This was the tweet that did it. Entirely accurate. I can't wait to hear what a jury will make of this.

That certainly sounds as if Berenson intends to sue Twitter — and the sooner the better.  Twitter has defamed him by announcing to the world that Berenson — a man who makes his living as a journalist — is a liar.  Considering how meticulous Berenson is about his facts, and how accurate he is about a vaccine that functions like a flu shot with some really scary side-effects, there's no way that Twitter can defend against the action.

I post on Twitter only to bring to your attention Tucker Carlson videos that don't appear on YouTube.  When they're on the Fox News site, the embed code doesn't work at American Thinker, so the workaround is to run those videos through Twitter.  I also use Twitter posts here as a form of shorthand.  Since my posts aren't long-form writing, a Twitter post is often a good way to pack in a lot of information for you.

Although Twitter is a convenience for me, I wouldn't mind seeing it go.  Any forum that bans the president of the United States but allows the head of the Taliban and the president of Iran to use it as an outlet for their statements to the world is a deeply corrupt entity that deserves to be destroyed.

Therefore, I wish Berenson the best of luck with his lawsuit.  In the same way, I sincerely hope Donald Trump's suit against Twitter and Facebook prevails and that both Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg have cut out from under them the enormous amount of power these two abnormal, totalitarian men have amassed.

Image: Alex Berenson.  YouTube screen grab.

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