The #BlueKluxKlan is redefining n-word chic

The left’s continued obsession with the “n-word” is nothing new.

Sanctimonious liberals have always been generous with the use of racial slurs since the inception of the Democrat Party. They’ve had a Hollywood director use it dozens of times and then win an Oscar for “Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen.” Record companies have more products today using the “n-word” than is used in most black households.

We even have liberals criticizing and instructing black people as to its correct pronunciation (emphasis mine).

One issue was Larry Elder’s pronunciation of the N-word. He used an exaggerated tone, enunciating the “er” at the end of the word rather than using the “a” pronunciation, which is more commonly accepted among and used by Black people, studies have shown.

I must keep that in mind.

The reality, as I learned when I used to listen to Larry Elder’s radio show while living in Los Angeles in the 90s, is that he was always racially attacked. What’s happening as he runs for California governor is nothing new. That’s why I know that, in the lead-up to the election (and afterward, if he wins), the racial attacks from enlightened liberal Democrats will grow in number and intensity because it’s what they’ve always done best. Heck, as the quotation above shows, they’ll even teach the correct way to do it!

These same liberals have a very thin skin when you call them out on their racism. For example, we all know about the issue of race when it comes to the pending treatment of unvaccinated blacks in New York City and how Mayor Bill de Blasio’s mandates will disproportionately affect them. In response, I issued the following Tweet.

This Tweet was reported resulting in a 1-hour timeout. I appealed, won, only to be reported a second time, with this report resulting in a 24-hour banishment to the naughty corner. I appealed again and won again. But consistent with the Democrats’ traditional lack of patience for runaway slaves, I was again reported and permanently banned from the platform.

I’m okay with that. I have part of my days back and am at peace.

However, my experience highlights that, while leftists have no problem with the n-word as long as they use it, the hashtag #BlueKluxKlan appears to be nothing short of a cross to a vampire or Raid® to cockroaches. Liberals hate being called out on their racism and will punish the offender and/or ignore the accusation entirely.

Back in 2010, during a phone conversation with Andrew Breitbart, he asked me to document the colorful retorts I received on YouTube. I dutifully reported those responses...and all the offenders are still on the platform to this day.

The leftist attacks against Blacks who dare to challenge leftist orthodoxy aren’t going to stop—but we have it within our power to lessen their impact, and that’s by marginalizing social media.

I’ve always found it quite hypocritical that, on the one hand, we can be indignant that #BigTech banned the President of the United States from social media and slam the #BigTech oligarchs for doing so, yet most conservatives will still have their social media tabs open on their computers as long as the power is on. We’ll boycott a partisan restaurant with the understanding that reduced traffic is bad for business, but we gotta keep posting on Facebook and Twitter. Why?

Considering how liberals eventually destroy everything they touch, do you seriously believe that social media sites would survive if conservatives truly pulled out, turning them into exclusive “progressive” echo chambers?

Bob Parks blogs at the joint site Black & Right | Black & Blonde Media.

Image: Screen grab from Larry Elder’s campaign website. (And FYI, here’s the campaign donation button.)

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