The 2022 midterms will be too late to save America

Extensions of time are over. Waiting for someone to emerge to lead us out of this nightmare is over. We The People, the ultimate power of America, the Sovereign, are going to have to take over and take over now.

After much anguish, many Americans have symbolically opened the basement door and gone down some of the steps into the dark, feeling dread. With great trepidation, they switch the light on. And there they see the gangrenous body of our country, writhing in agony. The smell freezes them in place and wrestles with a competing urge to run back up the stairs and shut the door. How could this have happened?

The first stages of grief take hold. This cannot be real. We have institutions and governance structures that “check and balance” each other. We are a good people who love our country. Perhaps, instead, we are just a human people, and subject to all the imaginative ways a moral core is whittled away in such tiny slivers that one hardly notices. No one writes thank-you notes anymore – a sure first sign.

Anger comes next. Desperate parents, wailing as if wounded, plead with school boards not to poison their children with destructive ideologies. The microphone is turned off or ripped out of a mother’s hands; a parent is arrested. Someone must be blamed. The Superintendent is blamed! The teachers’ unions are blamed! The School Board is blamed! Perhaps, instead, We the People are to blame. We were too busy to notice what public schools are doing to our children and have been doing for some time.

And so, standing on the stairs, we must decide. Those institutions we thought could help are not there. The current Executive Branch, whether lawfully elected or not, is in power and entirely corrupt. By Executive Order, our southern border is being illegally overrun and the states involved invaded and abused. The administration deliberately disseminates diseases common to the Third World all over America. Drug cartels, not only pour deadly drugs into every state but also insist that those children they trafficked into the country continue to “ply the trade” until the cartel is paid. A wicked plan.

The Legislative Branch has ceased to exist as a working body. Congressional law is supposed to be carefully crafted after hearings, held in both the House and the Senate so that expert testimony with cross-examination can inform the public regarding both intended and unintended consequences from the proposed legislation. After that, each chamber votes, and the Bill is re-written in conference before being sent to the President for approval or veto. A free and fair press provides detailed and objective information to the public. At present, there are no hearings. There is no objective press. There is no sense of fiscal duty and responsibility. The two parties, Democrat and Republican, are simply labeled differently to make the public think they are a check on the other. They differ only by degree.

The Supreme Court justices, out of the political spotlight, the remaining best hope for We the People, are terrified regarding their own existence and have retreated entirely. These nine Justices will not save the nation. Perhaps not cowards but certainly not patriots, either. The distinction is meaningless in these times. The Court refuses to take the hard and immediately imperative cases.

And so, We the People can go upstairs and shut the door, or We the People can go to the bottom of the stairs and act. The gangrene must be cut out and the healthy flesh nourished and hydrated. Those parasites sucking the life out of the country must be eradicated. We need to bring in lights. Look and see clearly what We the People have allowed to happen. We must accept that there is no one to blame but ourselves. We have not paid proper attention to a relatively fragile, precious system.

For now, those with knowledge and authority might:

1. Have a public interest law firm file a Mandamus Motion in US District Court to compel the Executive Branch to execute federal immigration law. Individuals coming into this country must be vetted under the United States Code, Title 8, section 1182. Any code section that would temporarily halt illegal immigration at the southern border should be used. In the alternative, Article IV, section 4 of the Constitution requires that the federal government protect states from Invasion.

2. Suspend relationships with China to provide time to conduct a proper investigation into COVID-19’s origins and hold the responsible parties accountable. Build up the Navy immediately.

3. Put on hold the approved Global Minimum Tax until the public can be assured of the full range of consequences for this action. In fact, Congress should investigate thoroughly the relationship between the United Nations and American tax Sovereignty.

These are the big issues. For the individual American, it will take the courage of the Founders to save the children, to demand fiscal integrity from elected representatives, to wean from the destructive, and to educate oneself about our Constitutional Republic and its Philosophic roots. These large and small things must be done way before the elections of 2022. Our barely surviving body politic might not make it.

M. E. Boyd’s Apples of Gold – Voices From the Past that Speak to Us Now is available at using the title and subtitle.

IMAGE: Dark Stairs by JoseGracia, edited. Pixabay.

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