Simone Biles did the wise thing

Some people are griping about Simone Biles removing herself from Olympic competition.  The ones I've read either had an antagonistic attitude to begin with or really did not know what they were talking about.

I have no problem with her withdrawing.  I do not want to see anybody doing those astounding twists and turns in the air only to face plant and maybe cripple or kill herself on the landing.  That's what awaited if she had continued, and one can only conclude that those who rip her for quitting would have had no problem seeing her mangle herself to suit them.

It's just as silly, on the other hand, to talk about "courage" for quitting.  While it did take a certain level of gumption to quit in the face of public opinion, when the stakes are literally life and limb, it's more like good sense to stop doing what you're just not up to.  One hopes her self-confidence hasn't been permanently compromised, which would adversely affect the rest of her life.

Simone Biles has given us more than our money's worth already.  Four moves are named after her, moves in some cases that no one else (male or female) can even do.  And she has disproven all the BLM nonsense about white supremacy holding her back.  Nothing has held this superb athlete back but herself, and she did the wise thing.

Image: Agência Brasil Fotografias.

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