Raped by California

I just had an upsetting experience and an even more upsetting realization of how viciously our government, in collusion with Big "Health," is coercing our submission to unconstitutional and immoral vaccination edicts.

My state is punishing me for not getting the COVID vaccination.  Without vaccination proof or a negative COVID test within 72 hours, I will not be allowed to attend my daughter as she gives birth in a hospital later this month.  I have natural immunity to COVID; I do not wish to jeopardize my health or my natural immunity with the vaccine.

The state says I may have hospital visitation without vaccination if I have a negative COVID test within 72 hours of the visit.  My daughter could deliver her baby anytime in the next four weeks.  Yesterday, I decided to get COVID testing every three days to ensure that I could be with her.  I scheduled my first test for this morning.

Though the nurse meant no harm, as each probe entered one of my nostrils, I felt my body being violated — for no valid health reason.  My consent had been coerced.

In tears, I returned to my car, determined to continue my plan for the sake of my daughter.  I opened my calendar to mark the days I would need follow-up testing.  Only then did I realize that the state, in collusion with my health provider, had already ensnared me.

My health provider, Kaiser Permanente, takes up to three days to deliver its test results.  Unless I test every day, experiencing repeated violations, I cannot ensure being with my daughter the day she has her baby.

At least I now have this for my lawn:

Image: W. Farschman.

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