COVID vaccines: Where are the autopsies?

In a recent conversation with a retired doctor, I voiced my layman's understanding that autopsies are a great engine of medical progress, and I asked where I might find reports on autopsies of people who have died after taking COVID vaccines.

He was stumped, so I plunged into the search engine jungle and got my answer: nowhere, because autopsies are not being performed.

A diligent search can find a report on a single case in the U.S., with ambiguous results, and a sobering study from Germany:

Dr. Schirmacher performed autopsies on 40 people who had died within two weeks of receiving a Covid jab. Of those, 30%–40% could be directly attributed to the "vaccines." He is calling for more autopsies of those who die shortly after getting injected to see if his numbers pan out.

These findings are not free of doubt, which would seem to make additional studies imperative.

But Germany has thus far been reluctant to act. Meanwhile, the report of this highly respected pathologist and pro-vaccine doctor is being suppressed.

The most comprehensive summary of the situation is in a recent presentation by Dr. Ryan Cole, "A Pathologist Summary of What These Jabs Do to the Brain and Other Organs," at a "White Coat Summit" put on by America's Frontline Doctors (a much-censored group of skeptics).  He starts by noting that there have been 11,000 or more post-vaccine deaths, but the first autopsy report appears only a month ago.  "Are you kidding me?  Is this science anymore? ... How can we do science if we are not looking?  One cannot find that for which they do not look."

Cole refers to both human and animal studies showing that spike proteins from vaccines are widely distributed throughout the body and shows tissue slides illustrating the toxic effect of these proteins.  

Cole's conclusion is not that disaster is coming.  It is that we don't know.  We simply lack knowledge about a wide range of risks.

In a well functioning health care system, the authorities would place high priority on funding autopsies to seek answers.  This is not happening, and, like most other questions surrounding the pandemic, it is increasingly difficult to find non-malevolent explanations for the failure.

The corollary to "one does not find what one does not look for" is "one does not look for what one does not want to find."  So it is logical conclude that our health authorities, who are obviously perfectly aware of the importance of pathology studies, are scared of what might end up in them.

James V DeLong lives in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

Image: torstensimon via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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