Pandemic porn versus actual depravity

What’s the difference between the Washington Post and the Washington Examiner?  The Post recently ran a headline reading, "Taliban takeover could drive covid crisis in Afghanistan as vaccinations plummet, U.N. warns."  At the same time, the Examiner went with "Woman fleeing Taliban says militants are searching for sex slaves and having sex with dead bodies: Report."

The mainstream media, whose marching orders come directly from the DNC, are far too preoccupied with bolstering the elites' pandemic porn narrative to care much about girls as young as 12 being forced into sexual slavery or Taliban militants desecrating the dead.  Or reports of people being beaten for wearing Western apparel, and women being killed for not wearing a burqa.  Or women being set on fire because their cooking wasn't to the liking of Taliban fighters.

COVID crisis?!  Afghan mothers are throwing their babies over walls.  Christians are being murdered.  The Taliban are raping girls and dead people.  And our power brokers are concerned about COVID?!  Ninety-nine-point-five percent of people who contract the coronavirus survive with no severe long-term effects.  Ninety-nine point five percent of the women in Afghanistan will not survive the return of the Taliban so relatively unscarred.  Virtually 100% of the women will be adversely affected by the regime change.  But Democrats and the legacy media prioritize only what they believe will enhance their power and control.  Period.  Certainly not what might make them look bad.

But hey, it's not so bad...unless you happen to be a woman in Afghanistan.  All cultures are equivalent, right?  So what if one favors fornicating with young girls, goats, or the dead?  Big whoop.  Maybe they have a thriving HBN (hebephilia, bestiality, and necrophilia) community.  I bet they have fun PRIDE! parades!

Truth be told, this doesn't say anything good about the Taliban or their women.

We lost to them...which doesn't say anything good about us, either.

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