OMG! You won't believe what Hunter Biden told a prostitute.

Hunter Biden is an incredibly disgusting human being.  We know about the drugs and the prostitutes, but there have long been rumors that he's done worse than that.  Here's the bad thing for America about Hunter's debauchery: while we merely suspect those terrible things, Hunter's confession in 2019 to a prostitute suggests that if he really did unspeakable things, America's geopolitical enemies — whether Russians or Chinese — may have proof.

Hunter liked creating his own pornography, and the contents of the hard drive he abandoned at a computer repair shop in Delaware suggest that he compulsively filmed his sexual encounters with a variety of prostitutes.  Knowing of his affinity for prostitutes, rumors have abounded for a long time that, when Hunter was in China with Joe in 2013, the Chinese had the bright idea to supply him with children for sex.

It's easy to believe that Hunter would agree to this perversion simply because he grew up around a man who, at least in public, can't keep his hands off little girls.  Moreover, we know from Hunter's own texts that he was warned away from being sexually inappropriate around a minor and was no longer allowed to be alone with her.  It's also possible that Hunter was too drugged out to know whether he was having sex with a child, a woman, or a sheep.

It's also easy to believe that Hunter would film those encounters for his later viewing pleasure.  That's what he does.

That's why it matters greatly that Hunter, during a tryst in 2019 with a prostitute, told her that he'd had an 18-day bender in Las Vegas, during which he spent up to $10,000 a night — and that Russian drug-dealers stole one of his laptops:

After filming himself having sex with the woman using his laptop in January 2019, Hunter left the camera rolling as he recounted a Vegas bender in which he spent '18 days going round from penthouse suite to penthouse suite,' sometimes costing $10,000 a night.

'I spent f‑‑‑‑‑‑ crazy amounts of money,' Hunter said. 'I was with these guys. The one guy was, not like you anyway… each night he'd be like 'there's going to be so many people here, crazy f‑‑‑‑‑‑ party' and each night it's nobody.'


Hunter described how his third laptop was 'stolen' one night during the summer 2018 bender when he almost overdosed on drugs.

'I went out to the hot tub by myself, which hangs over the edge of the f‑‑‑‑‑‑ top floor, with glass, it's ridiculous.

'And so I'm sitting there and that's the last I remember. And I don't ever pass out, ever.


Hunter said it was after that debauched night he realized his computer was missing.


The president's son told the prostitute that the allegedly stolen laptop was also full of compromising sex videos.

'They have videos of me doing this,' he said, referring to the filmed sex he just finished. 'They have videos of me doing crazy f‑‑‑‑‑‑ sex f‑‑‑‑‑‑, you know.

'My computer, I had taken tons of like, just left like that cam on. And he would always put in a passcode and all that, you know what I mean? It was f‑‑‑‑‑‑ crazy s‑‑‑. And somebody stole it during that period of time. He did all this kind of like pretend search and s‑‑‑."

While Hunter seemed to be concerned that the videos would be sold before he could market them himself, everyone else should be deeply concerned that they could have contained materials of Hunter carousing in Beijing.  While everyone has accepted that Biden, a creepy man by any metric, has a son who is a revolting, debauched human being, pedophilia (if it happened) is going to be a bridge too far.  If the Chinese or the Russians or any other bad actors have such video, they own Joe Biden and, by extension, America.

Remember, again, that the tech tyrants and the media conspired to withhold from the American public any news about Hunter Biden's predilections.  Many went to the polls utterly unaware that Joe Biden's son is not only a gross excuse for a human being, but also someone whose perversions run so deep that his father may not have any free agency when it comes to America's enemies, whether at home or abroad.

Image: Hunter Biden tells a prostitute about his lost computer.  Daily Mail video screen grab.

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