Like it or not, Cuomo will be hanging around

I hope I am wrong, but my guess is that Andrew Cuomo will ride out this latest threat.  He may be damaged, but in the end, he will prevail.

The fate of politicians caught in a scandal is nearly always in the hands of their own party.  One reason that parties exist is to protect their members.  In the eyes of most Democrats, Governor Cuomo's value to the party is the only consideration.  He has been one of their COVID superstars, and his daily press conferences were viewed as the anti-Trump response for the nation.  His "leadership" was worth a significant payout for his book during the pandemic, and he was considered a possible contender for president before Biden was selected.  He still has political value.

The Democrats are in trouble politically, and the upcoming midterm elections are trending badly.  In California, a very visible recall challenge to Governor Newsom is happening.  He is damaged, but his fate is in the hands of the electorate, not the party.  If Cuomo should go down as well, it would be another political wound for Democrats.  The risk from ousting the governors of two of the most populous Democrat states cannot be allowed to happen just before people go to the polls and pretend to cast their votes in the midterm elections.

If Cuomo is impeached or resigns in shame, it opens up the potential for a Republican challenger to run against the record of a failed governor and his party.  If he is not ousted, any challenger could run against the corruption, but that is a tougher slog.  After all, Cuomo is still the COVID hero in Democrat eyes and will be the one who has survived attacks from Republicans trying to oust him.

The A.G. report may not be enough to end Cuomo's career as governor.  Democrats have established themselves as the standard-bearers of godlessness and immorality in the things they desire to do to the nation.  What Cuomo has done is prove that he is just as immoral as what they want to do in America.  He is the picture of Democrat policy.  There is no personal failure to punish except the stupidity in getting caught being a normal Democrat.

Democrats will sometimes throw their own under the bus.  The primary example is Senator Al Franken of Minnesota, who was forced to resign over allegations that were not nearly as severe as the Cuomo accusations.  However, that was at a time in which the Democrats thought they could damage President Trump with a similar accusation.  They were using Franken to get to the president.  They knew that his replacement would be another reliable Democrat.  There was a small risk to the party, and Franken would bear the cost.

The #MeToo movement was always a "get Republicans" effort that wounded an occasional Democrat with friendly fire.  Since they could not get Trump, they seem to have moved on to other things.

The sexual abuse charges against Cuomo are serious.  However, the action leading to thousands of possibly negligent deaths in New York nursing homes is failed political judgment and not personal morality.  That fix appears to be in.  A political Department of Justice leadership has already given a pass to Cuomo and the other governors who had similar policies.  This allows Cuomo to dodge that political bullet.  The New York A.G. has issued her reprieve on his personal failings as well.  Cuomo is politically protected.

Republicans will decry the double-standard.  Republicans are not perfectly moral, but they openly base policies on a comparison to traditional values and morality.  Their base expects it.  Since perfect morality is impossible, there will always be a risk that Republicans will be exposed as having failed to meet their standards.  When that happens, the Democrats will push the "hypocrite" accusation all the way to impeachment or resignation.  How dare they try to make us a moral nation when they cannot even be moral themselves?  It works because the Republican base expects its politicians to promote specific policies they see as moral imperatives.  Donald Trump was the example of how to stand against these accusations.

The standard for Democrats is how well the person advances Democrat policies, and Cuomo is a master of this.  Politics is the Democrat's morality.  His political skills may save him from his personal bumbling.

Yes, it is a double-standard, but it is a standard based on the brand that each party has created for itself.  It ain't fair, but life ain't fair.

Image: Andrew Cuomo "explains."  YouTube screen grab. 

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