Daniel Silva's The Cellist: A beloved author goes off the rails

For the millions of us around the world who have looked forward to Daniel Silva's books each summer for the last twenty-one years, this new one he's written, The Cellist, represents an ending, and a sad one at that.

The writer that for all those years taught his readers about the art of art restoration interwoven with the storied career of his main character, Gabriel Allon, a member of Israel's Mossad, has become so addled by his hatred of President Trump that this book reads like a tired screed from Media Matters, a group committed to destroying all things even mildly conservative, which runs a deranged leftist blog.

Sure, he can claim in his Author's Notes that all of his characters are fictional, which will make anyone who reads them laugh out loud.  But his story is not well disguised to anyone who reads the news.  Opening with a loosely based retelling of the 2013 death in London of Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky under mysterious circumstances, combined with various retreads of various Russian intelligence-linked poisonings of dissidents, the plot begins with MI-6 concluding that the death is a Russian "wet op" and Putin is to blame.  Our fearless Mossad agent, however, finds a group of rogue KGB agents based in Switzerland responsible, and then learns they are planning worse acts to destroy the West with a plan to make Russia supreme.  Naturally, a loosely disguised President Trump is one of the bad guys, an actual asset of this fictional network of Dr. Evils. 

Silva is no longer a serious novelist; he's just another Trump-hating leftist who, laughably, thinks Trump went easy on Russia and that Biden would clamp down on the rogue nation.  Trump was harder on Russia than any previous president, shutting down entire Russian missions, expelling dozens of "diplomats," and tightening sanctions.  Biden immediately removed Trump-imposed sanctions and gave Putin the energy pipeline that will put Germany on his string and bring billions of dollars into his coffers for decades to come.

Silva should really write an addendum of apology for his wildly inaccurate premise that Trump was a Russian asset.

In another shocking note of ignorance, Silva seems to think Russia is "the most dangerous nation on the planet."

He has apparently not been paying attention to the ongoing dirty deeds of China or that communist nation's plan to become the world hegemon.  China owns the Bidens, lock, stock and barrel!  Neither China nor the CCP are mentioned once in the book.  It's all about how vast sums of ill-gotten Russian/Putin money is laundered throughout the global banking world.

Now, much of what he writes about global financial corruption is probably true and was covered brilliantly in the 2009 film The International.  The banking corruption in the film was similar but had much to do with illicit weapons sales, not the purchase of real estate around the world.  But the gross fraudulence is the same, no matter what the product.

But if we're speaking of destruction of the West, Silva misses the boat entirely.

Biden's opening of our southern border on the day he was inaugurated was the first proof that he is an integral part of the planned destruction of America as founded.

It is Biden, not Trump, who has colossally ramped up international financial corruption, starting with his abject capitulation to the drug cartels of Mexico.  Cartels are raking in millions of dollars a day, about $6 billion per year, according to the Department of Homeland Security.  The people they bring across the border must pay the cartels and are either trafficked or compelled to sell their drugs.

Biden has done much, much more damage since then.  He continues to import hundreds of thousands of migrants, many of them unaccompanied children, many of them sick with COVID.  They are then transported to unsuspecting cities throughout the country.  Americans must be masked and vaxxed, but these invaders are free to infect thousands.

All part of the plan? Perhaps. The left would love nothing more than another lockdown in order to cheat again with mail-in ballots in 2022.  Keep in mind that President Trump had the border under control.  Biden is letting in the sex-traffickers, the drug-dealers who sell China's fentanyl, the vicious MS-13 gangsters who murder for sport, etc.

Wherever Silva makes his home, the consequences of Biden's irresponsible partnership with the cartels may well come to Silva's doorstep someday soon. 

Silva laughably still believes that the Hillary Clinton–commissioned and paid for Russia collusion hoax dossier was real, and that the Mueller Report did not absolve the president.  He thinks the Russians rigged the 2016 election for Trump and that Biden won fair and square in 2020!

In short, he inhabits a bubble of his own making.

Meanwhile, the conclusion of Silva's book is so ridiculous that it boggles the mind that a man who has written so well for so long could have put such words on paper.

As Bill Hansmann wrote here at AT a few weeks ago, Silva's only source of American news is probably CNN, where his wife works.

He devotes the conclusion of the book to the events of Jan. 6 at the Capitol.  In Silva's telling, like most everyone at CNN's, it was "worse than 9/11."

How foolish does one have to be to write that?  Three thousand people died on 9/11.  The only person who died at the Capitol that day was a woman who was unarmed, shot to death by a Capitol cop whose identity the powers that be have attempted to conceal. 

Ashli Babbitt was given no warning; she presented no threat to anyone.  As the facts leak out, it has become clearer and clearer that the Jan. 6 affair was very likely a false flag operation, instigated by operatives within an agency or agencies, a Deep State undertaking.  What else explains Pelosi's refusal to have the National Guard available as Trump had offered or to release the thousands of hours of video that exist? 

It is becoming alarmingly obvious that Pelosi was in on the operation.  It was she who nixed the National Guard and told the Capitol Police to stand down.  Did she order the Capitol Police to invite the protesters into the Capitol building as they did?  Contrary to Silva's despicable description in his book, Trump incited no one.  Silva may have to write a second apologetic addendum to his loathsome book. 

No one can dispute Silva's expertise when it comes to art, and he has made countless cities around the world come to life for his readers.

While the last book hinted at his contempt for Donald Trump, The Cellist is a tract of pure loathing for the very U.S. president who made us energy independent, secured the border, and did not leave NATO but got them to pay their bills.

Biden is sure to let them slide again as he has already has on Russia, and he is reducing sanctions on Iran as well.  Most surprising and disappointing is that Silva's always reverent love and respect for Israel seems to be wavering; our Israeli spy Gabriel, the main character in all the books, now opposes the "occupation."  That alone is a crushing deviation from his previous allegiance to the Jewish state. 

For those unfamiliar with Silva's books, anyone who loves them will enthusiastically recommend each of them that came before his mental deviancy due to the Trump derangement that has so ruined this new novel.  Up until now, they have all been wonderful.

But this one is a screed, a vehicle for his intense, confused, and vicious hatred of Donald Trump.

Most of what he thinks he knows about President Trump has obviously been gleaned from other Trump-haters, that peculiar group of elites who to this day fear him and his supporters' true love of America and his promise to drain the swamp.  Even Trump did not realize how venal and vicious that swamp actually is.

But it is, and with this book, Silva unmasked himself as not only easily compromised, but willingly co-opted by the swamp-dwelling uniparty that was and remains terrified of Trump.  That is why they, Silva included, must demean and disparage him.

The Cellist is a sad end to what was a glorious series.  One has only to read the reader reviews on Amazon to see how disappointed Silva's legions of fans are with this hollow expression of his antipathy for the president who did more good for this nation and its citizens than any president since Ronald Reagan and in a shorter amount of time.  As for Silva, "There's what people want to hear, what people want to believe, then there's everything else, then there's the truth."

He has written what he believes, what he thinks people want to hear and believe, and is clueless about the truth.  Disappointed.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License, with additions.

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