Lies of the left from former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan

The weekend edition of The Wall Street Journal for July 31 - August 1 carried a column by former Reagan chief speechwriter Peggy Noonan with this title: The Jan. 6 Committee Carries History's Weight."  Perhaps a more accurate title would have read:  "Republicans Must Dump Trump Once and For All."  (This, of course, is what Ms. Noonan has been pining for since Mr. Trump announced his presidential candidacy in June 2015.)

In her latest paean to the Pelosi Get-the-Republicans panel, Ms. Noonan regretted that Republicans are not on the committee.  She omitted to inform readers of the partisan problems Pelosi presented to the GOP, much less that Pelosi did not accept the previous Noonan recommendation to name a select committee of five Democrats AND five Republicans.

Interestingly, in her June reflections on the Jan. 6 committee, Ms. Noonan included this observation which, arguably, contradicts testimony given to the Pelosi panel on July 27:  "Capitol Police leadership bumbled calling in the National Guard and the Defense Department bumbled getting it there."  The last part of this column cited the Trump-loathing former GOP congresswoman Barbara Comstock for Ms. Noonan to certify her standing in Never Trump United.

An insert did highlight this assertion from Ms. Noonan: "If you weren't appalled by what happened that day, you have given up on American democracy."  Ms. Noonan should by now have realized that a partisan sentiment like that has become de rigueur for leftists.  They accuse Republicans all the time of undermining our democracy when, certainly, that accusation is simply a projection onto the GOP of the Democrat mindset, these days.    We will get back to Ms. Noonan shortly, but this is a good place to take note of the editorial essay in The New York Times by Jesse Wegman, appearing in the print edition on Nov. 10, 2020.  The print version was titled "The G.O.P. Is Attacking Democracy."   (See what I mean about this accusation becoming a leftist cliche -- November 10, 2020, coming almost two months earlier than "Jan. 6?") 

The first three paragraphs are typical of the leftist propensity for projecting its mindset onto Republicans, another way of saying that such accusations are downright falsehoods.   Here is how Mr. Wegman began his essay on the Republican attack on democracy:

It turns out that there was a coordinated attack on the 2020 election after all.  It began several years ago and accelerated in the last several months. Now that Election Day has passed, it has launched into overdrive.

Its weapons are baseless insinuation and evidence-free charges, deployed solely to sow chaos and undermine the results of a free and fair election -- one that produced a clear winner and an even clearer winner.

But the most dangerous attackers of American democracy aren't the Russians or the Chinese. They are the leaders of the Republican Party.

For proof of projection, take note of the claim that Republicans resort to "baseless insinuations."   What, pray tell, were the allegations of 2016 and 2017 -- far more than mere insinuations -- that Donald J. Trump was a Russian asset, if not baseless?   Mr. Wegman used two words that appear in the Mueller Report" "sow chaos" -- a further lie hurled in a Russiagate context by the left against President Trump.   It was the left that succeeded in sowing chaos in the form of a special counsel whose appointment was founded on a lie, a special counsel that hindered the effectiveness of the Trump administration, that contributed mightily to polls showing Mr. Trump with favorability ratings well below 50 percent.  And consider, too, the Ukraine impeachment, and the lies about Russian bounties to kill U.S. troops, and the falsehood that Mr. Trump carried a Bible in visiting a vandalized church merely as a photo op.  One lie after another, recklessly hurled against Mr. Trump and now Republicans who dare to continue to support him -- as if the DNA of leftists bars them from ever speaking the truth.

There, in a New York Times editorial essay, nearly two months prior to "Jan. 6, is the mendacious accusation that the Republican Party assaults democracy. It should be apparent that leftists hurl this type of despicable canard at Republicans to cloud the fact that they seek absolute hegemony over the American people; that they intend to crush proud Republican patriots, leaving only Republican turncoats and so, turn the USA into a one-party state.

And now Peggy Noonan comes, cloaked in an aura of elitism barely tolerating the deplorables below.   The main point of her latest partisan use of the Jan. 6 occurrence at the Capitol is her aim at separating the House Republican leadership from Donald J. Trump.   She mentions "Stockholm syndrome" to explain the ties linking Mr. Trump and his "hostage" Republicans in Congress, perhaps having in mind members including Jim Jordan, Steve Scalise, and Elise Stefanik.  Ms. Noonan understands the valiant House Republican no more than she understands what Mr. Trump's base is all about: individual liberty.   Ms. Noonan wrote that she would have preferred that the House Republicans participated in these Kangaroo hearings, "while letting the evidence against Mr. Trump pile up."  Ms. Noonan, your "Queen of Hearts" sense of justice is showing.  Stated differently, Pelosi would be proud of your servility, a servility the House Republicans -- save for two -- rejected.

To underscore the blatant bias of this intrepid apologist for leftism, see, please, the words near the close of  Ms. Noonan's  exhortation that the Jan. 6 committee destroy Mr. Trump once and for all:  "Nail everyone involved."  These words somehow, and this is stated with some dismay, call to mind the Appian Way scene near the end of the movie "Spartacus."  Hardly the stuff of a sensitive soul.

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