Joe Biden demonstrates how not to withdraw from Afghanistan

Seven-hundred seventy-eight billion dollars spent. Twenty years of warfare. 3,000 American lives lost. And Afghanistan looks like it's going to collapse by the day Joe Biden pulls out on 9/11. The Taliban has done an ISIS-like blitzkreig-style takeover of the country in the last month and they're dancing with glee in government offices of the provincial capitals they've taken over. As Joe Biden pleads with the barbarians not to attack the embassy, they'd get a kick out of setting fire to the soon-to-be undefended U.S. embassy in the capital on that grimly symbolic day.

This is far from Joe Biden's only idiocy on the Afghan pullout front.

Everything he's done in recent days has been a colossal mistake.

Number one, his ironclad pullout promise, on 9/11, certainly gave the Taliban the date-specific planning tool they've been looking for as they've made their final push. Biden says he has "no regrets" and he still refuses to change course. His and his staff's platitudes and stern warnings to the Taliban are laughable.

Two, Biden was so obsessed with public relations over U.S. strategic interests that he pulled 3,500 U.S. troops out in the past weeks, while leaving the U.S. embassy unguarded and thousands of civilians without defenses. Since the Taliban is busy hanging dissidents on the streets these days, a good deduction might be that they'd harm those U.S. and allied civilians. So now he's forced to send back 3,000 troops to do the evacuations, in a perfect demonstration that he doesn't know what he's doing. With the troops out, Biden's been reduced to trying to halt the Taliban with bombing runs done from third countries. They had bases. Now they don't have bases, but Biden got his exiting Afghanistan camera shots for the press.

Three, the Taliban has the guns. The supposedly U.S.-trained Afghani goverment troops folded like a cheap suit and ran away as the Taliban advanced, in provincial city after provincial city. Rather than blow up the guns behind them -- cripes, it might just take a stray match and some gasoline in some cases -- they left the weaponry, reportedly $1 billion's worth, to become captured booty of the terrorists. Biden didn't even plan for that contingency by at least sending some drones in to blow the abandoned booty up so that the Taliban couldn't get its hands on it. The Taliban is now armed with our weapons.

Four, Biden has decided that now's about the time to go on vacation. He's taking a long weekend as their disaster unfolds. Maybe if he goes and hides, the problem will go away? So much for leadership.

Five, the Chinese and other adversaries have decided not to go on vacation. China has openly declared that it will accept the Taliban as Afghanistan's leader, obviously planning to get the Taliban on its string and its hands on the country's rare-earth minerals. Rest assured, other enemies of the U.S. are making their own plans.

This is nothing short of a disaster, with only the sight of the Taliban flinging $9.5 billion in cash from the central bank in Kabul around, and the Saigon-style U.S. rooftop pullout to wait for. "We are watching President Biden's Saigon moment unfold before us," as Rep. Mike Rogers has on his government website. (Hat tip: Instapundit). Most people think the Afghanistan war did need to draw to come kind of conclusion. But Joe Biden has made it a uniquely bad instance of his foreign policy incompetence in his execution, his bad decisions, and his absence of any sort of plan. His military leadership is focused on wokester critical race theory, not winning wars. The Russians, Iranians, and Chinese are laughing up their sleeves. Now Biden, a senile old man who took office under a cloud of electoral fraud, is hoping no one will notice.  

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