Is it possible that Biden's not as stupid as he appears?

It's cheap, easy, and lots of fun to highlight Joe Biden's incoherence and creepiness.  Heck, he displays it constantly.  Just yesterday, he sniffed a little girl's hair and made an utterly incomprehensible speech likening police to brawling high school athletes.  However, Don Surber, one of the most acute political observers, suggests that Biden may be hiding a still-sharp brain behind that decrepit, incoherent exterior.  I put it to you, the readers, to make the call.

On Thursday, Twitter wasn't able to stop "Creepy Joe" from trending.  The reason was that he was once again caught snuffling at a little girl under the pretext of whispering something to her:

Someone even dug out the classic video of an expert talking about how pedophiles groom children and put it together with Biden's behavior:

Over the weekend, Biden lovingly grabbed a little boy's hand and stuffed a dirty mask into it.  There's some debate about whether he was being creepy or he confused the boy for his wife:

It's not just the creepiness.  It's also the incoherence.  Also on Thursday, Biden signed a bill giving congressional gold medals to the Capitol and Metropolitan police officers who were working on January 6.  (Interestingly, Biden did not honor the federal officials who fought off Antifa's and BLM's rocks, lasers, bricks, etc., throughout 2020.  Go figure.)  Frankly, based upon the officers we saw before Congress, Biden would have done better to give them golden tissues to stanch their girlish tears.

But back to the main point: To commemorate the occasion, Biden managed to compare these officers to...brawling high school athletes?

The New York Post courageously transcribed this nonsense:

You're the same ones after a ballgame in a visiting field who come walking out of the gym after you won and you may get jumped by the other team or their supporters. You may be all by yourself, the only one standing there, when you watch six people jump one of our teammates. What the hell would you do? You'd jump in, you'd jump in, knowing you're gonna have the hell beat out of you, too.

Right now, you're all thinking that Biden is the dumbest, most incompetent man ever to have occupied the White House, bar none.  Don Surber, however, says we're fooling ourselves, that Biden does indeed speak like a former stutterer (substituting words on the fly for words he can't say), and that we're playing into leftist hands:

First, let us dump the assumptions about his brain.

He has one. And it is likely his brain is nimble as a pole dancer.


Second, let us learn from Democrat mistakes.

In 2000, they misunderestimated George Walker Bush, the man who coined the word. Despite peace and prosperity, they lost the election by 537 votes in Florida.

In 2004, they junked their Gorebot and went with a rather affable if elitist John Kerry. Two wars were dragging on and the economy was tepid. Bush won anyway.

Democrats misunderestimated Reagan as an old befuddled man in 1980 and again in 1984. He nuked them in two landslides. He was denied a majority in 1980 only because it was a three-way race.

By becoming president, Biden did what only 45 men have done. (Cleveland was both the 22nd and 24th presidents.) You can say Biden cheated because he did. But fairness does not mean anything in politics these days. What matters now is that he won.

Becoming president is a rare achievement and he could very easily become an even rarer two-term president.

Surber argues that Biden's bumbling persona means it will be hard to get voters to blame him for everything that happened on his watch.  They'll vote for the kind grandfather, not for the nation-destroyer.  He warns, "Defeating Biden in 2024 will take an extraordinary effort by Republicans.  That effort begins by viewing Biden as one of the best politicians in U.S. history."

Certainly Biden, even more effectively than Obama, has pushed through his agenda, helped by an utterly supportive government and a Pravda-esque media establishment.  Talk about a transformational president.

So is he the incompetent, creepy, incoherent old man, or is he crazy like a fox?  I'll leave you with a video from the days when Saturday Night Live was still capable of being amusing, back in 1986, when Reagan was in the White House:

Image: Joe Biden by DonkeyHotey.  CC BY 2.0.

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