'Follow the science'? Give us a break

We have heard liberals demand that we "follow the science" on COVID, and free thinkers have challenged the liberal elite on what appears to be multiple examples of hypocrisy regarding following the actual science.  It seems that we are losing that thought exercise.  I have seen multiple articles on AT trying to educate on the scientific method, and I agree with those articles that have examined and explained it.

Let me ask the question differently.  Do you think liberal scientists don't understand the scientific method?  I believe they do.  I think "follow the science" is a code they are trying to condition the world to follow, and that we can break that code.

Try this: when the word "science" is used by the left, substitute "our scientific opinion" or "my scientific opinion," and see how it changes the context of the statement.

For COVID, "follow the science on masks."  Change to "follow our scientific opinion on masks."

For climate change, "according to science, man-made climate change will kill us all in twelve years" becomes "according to our scientific opinion, man-made climate change will kill us all in twelve years."

When Dr. Fauci says "an attack on me is an attack on science," substitution results in "an attack on me is an attack on my scientific opinion."

The statements make more sense with the substitution.  What does this signify?

Go back to 2020.  When Dr. Fauci first flipped on masks, a "reporter" (at CNN, I think) asked him about the science of his change, and he responded: "Well, it's my opinion based on 40-plus years," blah, blah.  He has been asked by conservatives in the House and Senate about the science behind masking, and he points to generalizations without any specifics.  Dr. Fauci has never once provided any actual science on his position shift.  He misdirects at every turn.

Should the top adviser to the president and Congress on the virus be able to quote, chapter and verse, the specific journal articles that support the recommendations being made?  In my opinion and the opinion of millions, the answer is yes.

In my opinion, much noise about COVID appears based on scientific opinions that are not based on any specific published science.  The goal has been to condition the people to accept the words, "follow the science," but to actually have people follow the scientific opinion of the approved scientists.

If we want to depoliticize the use of science in legislation and policy, we must remove the attempt to use scientific opinion in disguise of "science."

Maker S. Mark (a pseudonym) is a proud American patriot asking questions every day to help people understand current events.

Image via Flickr, Public Domain.

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