COVID hysteria, vaccine passports: Where it's all leading

To those of you scratching your heads about what is going on in America today, what with violence in the streets aided by local politicians, quitters like Naomi Osaka treated as hero(ine)s, woke corporations insulting their customers, China apologists (like the NBA) hiding in plain sight, COVID hysteria fanned by politicians and the media, white-hatred (e.g., 1619/CRT) being promoted by liberal white women, and P.C. everywhere...we have to ask what it all means.

What it all means is getting illegals the vote.  The rest is head fakes.

Consider the following: if you were a liberal politician and your goal were permanent liberal big government, wouldn't the quickest route be (aside from voter fraud) to get illegal aliens the vote?  With anywhere between 20 and 40 million illegals in the U.S. today, that goal is now in sight, using COVID as an excuse, while not letting this "crisis" go to waste (per Rahm Emanuel).

The first step toward this goal is to terrify everyone with COVID horror stories, cherry-picked data, and so-called "expert" guidance and testimony.  This gaslighting has already been accomplished by leftist politicians, the CDC, Big Media, and Big Tech.  Next, vaccine passports will be mandated to "protect" everyone and coerce the unvaccinated.  This step has already been floated by the Biden administration, which means that it is deep into vaccine passport polling and planning.  After the vaccine passports are distributed, someone (a leftist, of course) will naturally suggest that they be used for voter identification, using this to counter Republican accusations of rampant voter fraud that were engendered by the 2020 elections.  After vaccine passport distribution, tens of millions of new voters will magically appear in red and purple states to flip them blue.

My suggestion is to resist vaccine passports vigorously so this unhappy chain of events will never occur.  Luckily, many minorities feel the same way, which is why the Biden administration has created what could be called a Civilian COVID Corps (transforming into AOC's Civilian Climate Corps later) to convince this important liberal voting bloc to vaccinate.

Vigorous resistance, however, is made much more difficult when the RINOs on Capitol Hill, true to form, capitulate to liberals on "infrastructure."  Who knows what else?

Image: Tom Arthur via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0.

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