Are the Taliban walking into a trap?

Perhaps it's far-fetched, but the idea at least kind of explains the apparent idiocy of current U.S. policy toward Afghanistan.  Let them think they’ve won.  They drop their guard.  Then we mow them down.

All of those state-of-the-art weapons we just happened to let them help themselves to?  Maybe they’re booby-trapped.  Maybe the vehicles have concealed tracking devices.  Maybe the infantry weapons and artillery pieces are rigged to explode.  Just...maybe.

Were this plot really to be the case, however, then Biden and his cronies will score a major political victory.  Otherwise, our leaders are world-class stupid, and a really high price is to be paid for that stupidity.

I just had to think of this, because it’s so hard to believe that with such a high-profile situation, even hack Deep State functionaries could do a better job.  But, apparently, they’re not.  And the collateral damage has already started to mount up.

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi is scrambling to ransack the U.S. Treasury, as the Constitution allows her to do.  Too many balls in the air?  You think?

It certainly would be nice to think this deplorable approach to the Afghanistan situation is part of an incredibly clever strategy to snuff out the Taliban.  But one of the primary descriptors of the U.S. position is that we’ve lost control.  They’re in control, and Mr. Biden is cooperating.  Clever?  Hmmm.  I just hold out hope that there’s some intelligence behind the goofball emanations coming from the folks in charge.

Image via Pixabay.

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