A feisty Vietnam vet takes on a transgender activist

Don Sucher, of Aberdeen, Washington, has a shop dedicated to Star Wars and a prominently displayed sign saying, "If you are born with a dick, you are not a chick."  Nathan Kennedy, who now calls himself Tiesa Meskis, is a city council member who thinks he is a woman.  Armed with this delusion, he confronted Sucher in the store, clearly expecting Sucher to back down.  Instead, the diminutive Vietnam vet, although dwarfed by the towering Meskis, gave Meskis a reality check.  The video is a wonderful counter to the embarrassing groveling in which leftists and RINOs engage when a woke warrior confronts them.

At one level, the video is uninspiring, filled as it is with obscenities, as well as cross-talk that's hard to understand.  Sucher doesn't engage in deep philosophical analysis or talk about the erroneous foundations of the whole transgender madness.  What makes the video so appealing is seeing someone absolutely refuse to buckle down to wokeness.  Sucher doesn't apologize, and he doesn't explain.

It's apparent that, when Meskis first walked into the shop, Sucher made an effort to hide the sign so as not to offend Meskis directly.  However, Meskis clearly wanted to discuss the sign and, based upon how most people respond to an angry so-called "transgender," expected Sucher to back down.  Sucher did not.

To Meskis's shocked surprise, Sucher explained that, when it comes to the sign, "everybody loves it...they take pictures of it.  They post it... Nine out of ten customers love it."  All that Meskis could say when confronted by Sucher's statement about his own business was "It's b-------."  Sucher refused to cower.  "No, what you're spouting is b-------."

Meskis responded with a retreat to fantasy.  "No, it's not [BS].  Trans women are women, sir."  After a few more go-rounds about the BS meter, Meskis again reiterated that he is, in fact, a woman, using himself as the authority.  "I'm telling you right now, as a trans woman, trans women are women."  Sucher knew the answer to that one.  "Well, I'm telling you as a man, that's b-------."  Not tactful or scholarly, but still correct.

Sucher added something that sums up how we've gotten into a world in which Americans are being forced to accept that 2+2=5 and that people who say they are the opposite sex are, in fact, the opposite sex.  "You know what?" Sucher asked rhetorically.  "Nobody confronts your ass.  That's the problem."

Eventually, Meskis made his way out of the shop, hollering, "Trans women are women," as if repeating a nonsense statement makes it true.  Meskis also said he's living his life the way he wants to live it.  And once again, Sucher has the right response.  "Just don't live it around me."

Once on the street, Meskis did what all leftists do: he tried to claim that Sucher, who's at least 25% smaller than Meskis and has a bad leg, was intimidating him.

Sucher cut through that line of argument with a blunt question:  "Do you have a d---?"  Suddenly, Meskis became coy.  "You don't get to ask that," he insisted.

When Meskis called Sucher a bigot, Sucher again has the perfect comeback: "I don't care."  Once you say that, you've completely cut off that line of attack.

When the media came seeking Sucher, he again stuck to his guns.  "I don't care what they do, but don't come in here and complain to me about stuff.  I have free speech."  He then reiterated that, as Ben Shapiro is wont to say, facts don't care about your feelings:

I don't give a [expletive] about feelings anymore. I went to Vietnam to fight for all this [expletive]. Do you think I care about some [expletive] feeling? Absolutely not!

Naturally, Meskis, after saying Sucher has the right to say what he wants to say, promptly announced a plan to picket the store, trying to destroy Sucher's business.  That's how leftists operate.

Antifa sent out an announcement about the attack on Sucher's store, only to back off once it became apparent Sucher's supporters would outnumber them:

And that's another lesson learned from Sucher's willingness to fight back: these leftists are bullies who will retreat if people stand up to them.

Image: Don Sucher won't back down.  Twitter screen grab.

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